How To Use Video With Your Small Business

We love this great interview by Barry Moltz on Blog Talk Radio that features our COO Gary Lipkowtiz along side Daina Middleton, Bob Miglani, Shannon Cassidy, and Scott Kabat, CMO of Prezi.

We’re thrilled to be featured next to so many brilliant marketing minds and we’re delighted to hear so many people interested in video!

Listen to the entire show below (Gary is about 35 minutes in). Let us know what you think!


Daina Middleton talks about marketing in the Participation Age. Bob Miglani demonstrates how every small business owner needs to embrace chaos. Shannon Cassidy tells us how to swear in the office. Gary Lipkowitz makes animated video easy and Scott Kabat, CMO of Prezi shows how to make your best presentation.

Read the whole piece here on Blog Talk Radio.