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HTML5 Updates

We’re pleased to announce that Vyond is migrating off Flash and onto HTML5. Our team has spent months working on the first phases of the switch, and now is a good time to update our subscribers about all the great changes.

We’ll break it down in Q&A format.

Q: So what are the changes exactly?

A: The big change is that we will use an HTML5 video player, which means you’ll be able to watch videos on mobile devices. You’ll no longer have to download and export your videos in order to share them for viewing on smartphones or tablets! Video playback will also be much smoother than the current offering; no more choppy zooms in or out!

And that’s just the beginning! Here are some more changes.

Faster and better downloads

You’ll soon be able to download videos to MP4 practically in real time. 

This will be released in beta (alongside the old downloader) later this month.

More templates and assets

Based on feedback from our customers we’re also providing additional great templates, characters, props, and actions for our three most popular themes: Business Friendly, Whiteboard Animation, and Business as Visual (video infographics). These will be rolled out over the next three months.

Retiring GoPlus

GoPlus subscriptions will no longer be renewable. Beginning November 30th, if you have an active subscription, it will end at the next renewal point or on January 4th, 2016, whichever comes first.

Retiring older themes

All of the older, less technologically-adaptable themes will be retired. With this change, we’ve had to make some tough calls. We’re passionate about all the themes released on Vyond over the years, but some of those relied on technology incompatible with HTML5. We’re sad to see them go but will have to bid farewell to Lil’ Peepz, Comedy World, Cartoon Classics and others.

Improved vector image support

Another change away from Flash is that .SWF files will no longer be supported. You’ll still be able to upload all other supported file types. We’ll be replacing the support of .SWF files with new technology for improved use of vector images. Support for .SWF files will be retired on January 4th, 2016, and we’ll announce the new technology a month or two later. Stay tuned!

Making room for new effects and transitions

We will also be removing some of the technologically-incompatible special effects and scene transitions, while continuing to develop new and better ones.

Q: Why are these changes happening?

A: We are always working to deliver the best service to our customers. Flash was no longer delivering the best quality in terms of speed of use, security, and portability across different devices and browsers.

Q: What do customers need to do to prepare?

A: Not too much. This switch to the HTML5 video player will not impact the ability for users to edit videos made with retired themes. So even if one of your videos was made entirely in a theme that has since been retired — you can still edit and save those videos. As long as an asset is already in the video, it will be editable. So, for example, if a character from a retired theme is in your video, it will be editable. Users can access the settings panel of the character to switch actions and make other tweaks.

The new HTML5 video player will not produce embed codes, but you can of course still share the links of your videos on Vyond.

Q: Where can I get more information?

A: We realize these are big changes, and we appreciate your patience taking them into account. Please reach out to with any questions, and a member of our team will be get back to you right away.

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