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Joe Ganci Reviews GoAnimate

Joe Ganci, President of eLearningJoe, LLC, reviews GoAnimate. In this blog post, Joe walks you through the platform and shares his experience creating eLearning content with GoAnimate.

Here’s a snippet:

Yes, you do make videos with GoAnimate. However, these are animated videos, not live-action movies. These can be very effective for eLearning applications and much less expensive than assembling live actors in the correct setting with proper lighting and all of the other necessary elements of live-action shoots. GoAnimate contains a surprisingly diverse number of choices to make animated movies that fit your custom needs.

In the product you’ll find most everything you need to quickly create the kinds of movies that we so often need in eLearning scenarios. For instance, you can create movies that let the learner see how to deal with problem customers. Create several, in fact, so that you can show specific instances of what happens when the learner chooses a wrong action.”

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