Learn the Difference: Scene vs Video Templates

Scene Templates

There are hundreds of scene templates in the Vyond platform, all pre-populated with backgrounds, animated effects, props, and characters. These templates are a great starting point for individual scenes. To access these templates, simply select ‘Choose Template’ after clicking ‘Add Scene’ on your timeline.

Video Templates

Did you know that in addition to the scene templates found within the platform, Vyond has a library of full video templates? In addition to backgrounds, props, characters, and animated effects, video templates include multiple scenes, background music, sound effects, and dialogue. Vyond’s video template library has full, pre-made videos that you can quickly and easily import to your Vyond account, then modify them for your own projects. 

Creating with Templates

Both scene and video templates can be quickly and easily used to create stories of your own. Choose scenes you like from other videos, modify them with your own props, actions, and voice overs, and mix and match with scenes you’ve created yourself – or modify a whole video from the video template library. The opportunities to quickly and easily create your own videos from pre-existing templates are endless.