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Legacy Video Maker Retirement

In December of 2019, the Legacy Video Maker will be retiring. The first phase of this process took place on August 14, 2019, when all user accounts were defaulted to Vyond Studio. The Legacy Video Maker and all legacy videos will be available for migration to Vyond Studio after the Legacy Video maker is retired.

For more information about migrating legacy videos to Vyond Studio, see the help article below: 

How do I update an existing video I copied from Legacy to Vyond Studio?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Legacy Video Maker retiring?
The Legacy Video Maker is built on Flash, which is being retired by Adobe in 2020. Vyond Studio is built in HTML5 – a faster, more responsive technology. 

How long will I be able to continue to edit my videos in the Legacy Video Maker?
While the Legacy Video Maker will be retired December 2019, you will still be able to migrate your videos from Legacy to Vyond Studio after this date. Legacy videos will remain present on the Legacy Video Listing page. While you won’t be able to edit them in the Legacy Video Maker, you will be able to migrate them to Vyond Studio and make edits there. 

Will my legacy videos disappear after December 2019?
While you will not be able to edit your videos in the Legacy Video Maker after December 2019, the video listing page, and all videos on it, will continue to be available and ready for migration to Vyond Studio. 

Will all assets transfer when I migrate my videos?
Most assets will transfer when videos are migrated, with the exception of uploaded assets, retired assets, and some others. These assets can be replaced once the video has been migrated to Vyond Studio. 

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