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March Product Update

New Auto Insurance Content and Templates

We’ve added new auto insurance content to the Business Friendly style, including 12 templates, 47 props, 7 backgrounds, and 18 actions. Find them all in this video template, or check out the new content in the videos below.


Auto Insurance Video 1

Import Template


Auto Insurance Video 2

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Auto Insurance Video 3

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Download and share videos from inside Vyond Studio


Previously, download and sharing options were only available in the Your Videos page. With the newest update, these options are now available within the Studio, making it easier to share and download your videos while you’re working on them.

This Month’s Featured Help Center Articles

Our Help Center is full of articles written by our customer support team to help with common problems, give tips and tricks, and make your Vyond Studio experience better and easier. Take a look at this month’s featured articles:

How do I export or download a video?

Downloading your videos can now be done from within Vyond Studio itself, as well as on the Your Videos page. Take a look at the above article to learn more.

What are assets?

In many of our blog posts and communications, we spend a lot of time talking about assets and how they’re used. Take a look at this article to learn a bit more about what that means.

How to Use These Video Templates

The templates shared in this post are free to try with a paid account or 14-day free trial of Vyond Studio. Customers can download and share, and Professional and Premium subscribers can export GIFs.

Follow these steps to access the template:

  • Log into your free trial or Vyond account.
  • Click the “Import Template” link for the template you’d like to save.
  • The selected video project will open in your account for you to customize.
  • Customers can download and share the final video.