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Meet Vyond’s 2023 Community Champions!

The Vyond Community forum is the destination for Vyond users to connect with each other, share ideas, and collaborate. 

And each year, the Vyond Community team recognizes a small group of members as “Community Champions” to celebrate their demonstrated product expertise and generosity in providing support and sharing best practices with their peers on the platform. 

The 2023 Community Champions cohort includes four new inductees. Browse their stories below and join us in celebrating this incredible lineup of folks! 

  • Star Peterson
  • Mary Nunaley
  • Marco D’Abbraccio
  • Alexander Salas 

Star Peterson

Instructional Designer and Diversity Trainer at Stellar Instructional Design


Star (@StarPeterson) has been using Vyond for two years and is a fierce advocate for producing diverse and inclusive training content. Star has contributed meaningful feedback and suggestions in the Community, embodying our commitment to making Vyond accessible and delivering on-screen representation. 

Mary Nunaley

Co-founder of Lavender Dragon Team


Mary (@marynuna) has been a member of the Vyond Community for three years. In her video you’ll learn her Vyond “secret super power” and the best advice she’s received from the Community. Mary also co-led a recent Vyond webinar on Using AI to Design More Human-Centered Learning Experiences. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out!

Marco D’Abbraccio

Instructional Designer at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


Marco (@CHOP_ID) has been a Vyond user for five years! This year marks his first as a member of the Community, but he quickly climbed the ranks as one of our champions. Marco’s deep knowledge in media, arts, and animation has helped many Vyond users of all levels gain new ideas and creative solutions. 

Alexander Salas

Instructional Designer and Owner of StyleLearn consulting firm


Alex (@StyleLearn) has been a Vyond user for nine years! Alex joined Vyond’s product testing programs this year and has been an incredible partner for us to understand how to improve the user experience, including which features truly matter. 

Congratulations, all! Thank you for your trust, meaningful contributions, and for helping others find belonging in our community. You’re paving the way for the next cohort of champions and we cannot wait to witness all you’ll create in the coming year. 

Note: Membership to the Vyond Community is exclusive to all Premium, Professional, and Enterprise users. If you’d like to nominate someone for recognition as a Vyond Community Champion (including yourself!), please let us know at [email protected]!

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