New Color Features & Expanded Options

Ever tried matching a color without a HEX or RGB code? Or creating the perfect title scene, only to struggle with making the text POP from the background? It can be super difficult without the right tools.

Problem solved: we’ve launched three new features in Business Friendly you’re going to love: a color wheel, a color picker, and opacity control – plus we’ve expanded the color palette!

Inside the GoAnimate videomaker, you’ve always been able to paste in HEX codes to match company branding guidelines, but now you can be precise with the color, text, background, vidget data, and characters without searching for HEX codes! You can pull a color from anywhere within the videomaker, and control the opacity of text and text backgrounds.


When you click on a textbox, background, or vidget you’ll notice a “Text Color” option in your tray (highlighted below). Click on “Text Color” to locate the new and improved color palette and features.



The same options can also be accessed by selecting “Scene Settings” in the bottom-right corner of your video maker.

Color Palette

The new color palette contains 11 default color options to select from, and gives you the opportunity to add up to 25 additional colors to the palate by using the new color wheel and color picker features.

Color Wheel

After you’ve navigated to the color options or style tab, select the “+” option and you’ll see the new color wheel selection tool. Use this feature to browse all potential color options by clicking and dragging the color selection circles around the frame to select just the right shade and tone. Click away, or hit enter when you’re happy with the color selection. From within the color wheel, you will be able to paste or type in a HEX, RGB or HSB – hit “tab” when you’ve done so.


You can also select precise shades for hair color, skin tone, eye color, and clothing by using the new color wheel from within the Character Creator.

Color Picker

The color picker tool looks like a little eye dropper, and can be found in the bottom right corner of the color wheel. Select the icon and click anywhere in the video maker to match a color and add it to your palette.

This One-Minute Tutorial will explain in more detail:



Opacity control essentially allows you to decide how much attention you want your text to receive. Is this Headline text? Background text? Locate the opacity slider for Text Color and Background at the bottom of each color palatte and drag the slider to select.



Opacity Insider Tip: you can also use the opacity control on a text box to add a layer to your background. Turn the text opacity down to 0%, set the desired color and opacity percentage for the textbox background, and size your new layer to achieve the look you want to create. These new opacity layers serve as great backgrounds for text and data.


Let us know what you think about the new color features; we’re always interested in your feedback.