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New Features: Unveiling The New GoAnimate

Site Update: Unveiling The New GoAnimate

Previously we mentioned that GoBucks, the currency on GoAnimate, were being retired effective September 16, 2013.

But we still have some secrets to share!

We’re thrilled to announce that our site revamp is complete! There were a lot of changes, so we want to walk you through everything so you don’t get lost. See our updates below – and as always, feel free to let us know if you have any questions over email ([email protected]), Tweet at us, or leave us a message on Facebook.

Check out everything we’ve been working on below.

Happy animating!


New Home Page:

We’ve redesigned our home page and added some great resources. Scroll down the page to see how GoAnimate works, learn why you should be using animated video, and get insight into how flexible our workflow is with your creative process.

Have a look here (to view, make sure you’re signed out first, otherwise you’ll go straight to your dashboard):

Name Changes:

We noticed that many users were using different terms for the same things, so with this update we are simplifying and clarifying the terminology we’ll use on site. That said, here’s our roundup:

Templates: Previously known as Quick Video Makers, our Templates are a great resource for a quick win. You can make a video in less than 2 minutes.

Starters: Previously known as Templates, Starters are a way to save a scene – or a collection of scenes – that you’ll use often in your videos, like intros or outros. They are saved in your Backgrounds Tab in the Video Maker.

Business Friendly Starters: Business Friendly Starters are pre-made scenes that you can easily drag and drop into your Timeline to help you save time. Many of them explain difficult concepts (like facing debt) or promote calls to action. They’re located in the Business Friendly theme in the Backgrounds Tab of the Video Maker.

Themes: Previously known as Full Video Makers, our Themes showcase our various animated visual styles. Select the theme that best tells your story.

Video Maker: Prior to our site revamp, the Video Maker had been referred to as the Full Video Maker Studio, or sometimes just The Studio. You can get to the Video Maker by clicking on any Theme of your choice.

Updates to Features:

GoBucks Have Been Retired: We mentioned this before, but it’s worth saying again: no more GoBucks across the board! Subscribers no longer need to spend extra money for small things – so character creation and stuff like props are now free. We wanted to save you time and quickly enable you to make the best videos possible.

Access To Business Exclusive Themes: In other exciting news, Free users and GoPlus subscribers can now preview our business exclusive themes (currently Business Friendly, Stickly Business, and Business Models). You will only be asked to subscribe to a business plan if you want to save your video. Perfect for those who have been asking for free trials, are thinking of upgrading, or need to show someone what’s possible without making the financial commitment just yet.

Importing Audio and Image Files For Free Users Unlocked: Now all users can upload their own image AND sound files. Perfect for lip synching and voiceover. You’ll also be able to import your own images as backgrounds or props. Perfect for customization.

Theme Mixing For Free Users Unlocked: Previously free users could not mix and match assets (characters, props, backgrounds) from different themes. Now free users will be able to do so (this excludes business exclusive themes).

Text To Speech Credits Have Been Retired For Free Users: More great news! Everyone can use as much dialog as needed. Previously free users were only gifted 100 credits per 30 days. Free users will still have limitations on dialog lines in our Templates, but that’s on a per-video basis.

Community Updates:

Participation In Forums: Our Forums can be a great resource for learning about how other GoAnimate users make things happen on the site. GoAnimate subscribers can participate in this community by asking questions. Free users are able to see answers, but will not be able to reply.

Other Updates:

In an effort to make room for newer assets that we know will serve more of our customers better, we have retired the Talking Picz and eCard Templates, as well as the Jungle Warfare Theme. We found that few customers were using them, and we wanted to focus our attention on things that our customers would use.

Since they’re now retired, you won’t be able to make edits to old videos – but we encourage you to check out others to tell your story. For those that liked the old iPhone characters, you might especially enjoy the mobile action sets in our signature theme, Business Friendly.