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New Masking and Cropping Features

Masking Enhancements

The mask feature allows you to use certain shapes, frames, and screen props to hide or show parts of another asset. We’ve enhanced it to add a visible overlay—making it much easier to see what you’re masking. To learn more about masking and maskable assets, take a look at this help center article. 


To make it even easier to modify the assets and images in your video, we’ve added a crop tool. Cropping allows you to trim the edges of an asset—cutting out the parts you don’t want, and controlling exactly how much of the asset you’ll show. 

Learn more about cropping by watching the video below. 



New COVID-19 Related Actions

In response to COVID-19, we’ve added some new actions to the platform to enhance your videos. These actions include:

  • New coughing actions
  • Coughing actions for kids
  • A more flexible hand-washing action

Take a look at the platform for the new actions!

Featured Help Center Articles

What is masking?

This month’s update has added new functionality to the masking tool. Take a look at this help center article to learn more about what masking is, what assets can be used in masking, and how to modify your assets.

How do I make animals/custom props talk? 

With cropping, you can mix and match assets to assign lip-synch to any asset—for example, making an animal talk. This help center article gives clear step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this effect.

How to crop an asset

The crop tool allows you to adjust the borders of an asset, cutting out parts that you don’t want to be visible. This help center article gives more information on cropping and how to use it.