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Product Post: Grids, Folder Enhancements, and More

Video and folder layout enhancements in list view

You may notice a new layout in Your Videos! We made some big updates to list view thanks to your feedback. Now you can organize your video library more efficiently with this latest update that sees large thumbnails for recent videos, a new navigation path, as well as bulk actions on folders and videos. 

Grid and safe area guidelines

You now have the option to use line guides in Vyond Studio, making it even easier to compose balanced scenes in your next video. You can find the Guides menu on the right side of the stage just above the timeline, with the option to show ‘Grid’ and ‘Safe Area’ lines.

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Braids, black hairstyles, and more character creator items

We’ve added 28 new hair items that include afro-textured and two-tone hair options, along with brows, mouths and more in Business Friendly style. Head to the Character Creator to try out a fresh new look.

Here is a list of our newly added content in Business Friendly:

  • Hairstyles: 28 hair items for Adults and Kids
  • Mouths: 4 mouth items for Adults and Kids
  • Ears: 3 pairs of earrings for Adults and Kids
  • Eyebrows: 7 eyebrow shapes for Adults and Kids
  • Headband: 1 headband accessory for Adults and Kids
  • Mustaches: 4 face accessory items for male Adults

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If you make a lot of videos, you might find that it becomes difficult to find the one you want. The solution? Folders! This help center article will teach you how to use folders to keep your videos organized and easy to find. 

Grid Lines and Safe Areas
This helpful article will teach you more about the new grid lines and safe areas feature.