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Product Update - Curved Motion Paths

Curved Motion Paths


We’re excited to introduce new, improved motion paths! 

In addition to simple curves, we’ve added:

  • The ability to customize motion paths to angled, smooth, or sharp curves
  • The ability to add multiple points, easing, and rotation to the path
  • The ability to choose a motion path from a preset library of options

With this new feature,  you’ll be able to choose motion paths from pre-existing templates, or create your own!

Motion Path Templates

While playing with regular motion paths and curved motion paths, take a look at these templates that show off some of the more complex things you can do. Import them into your account by clicking the link below each video, and use them to get a head start on making motion paths!

Import this video to your Vyond account


Import this video to your Vyond account

Import this video to your Vyond account


Featured Help Center Article

Using Motion Paths

The new motion path feature has many options that can be used to make your ideas into videos. Take a look at the article below for more information on how to use the new motion paths.