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Product Updates: Custom Aspect Ratios, Save Scenes to a new video, and more

Custom Aspect Ratios

Change the aspect ratio on your videos! Next time you’re in Vyond Studio, head to the Video Settings menu. You can change the aspect ratio from the usual Horizontal (16:9) to become Square (1:1), Vertical (9:16), or even a Custom size.



Video Settings

Not sure where the Video Settings are? Go into Vyond Studio and look above the stage. You’ll find a cog icon next to the ‘Preview’ button.

image of Vyond custom aspect ratios

Place assets inside the camera frame

When you save the settings you’ll see the camera frame adjust to your selected aspect ratio, giving you the freedom to move the camera position across the stage and only show the assets in the frame. When it’s time to download, the generated video will match the aspect ratio selected in the Video Settings.

Learn more about aspect ratio from this article >

*Please note, this feature is available to Premium, Professional and Enterprise users.

Japan Content Pack

From sushi to Mount Fuji and plenty in between, the Japan content pack has arrived! This year we’ve seen a great wave of requests for content relating to Japan. So we’ve created this bumper collection of backgrounds, props, clothing items, and actions. The team behind the creation of these new items are all dreaming of visiting Japan now, and their level of ramen consumption has drastically increased!


Here is a list of our newly added Japan content in Business Friendly:

  • Props: 174 props, including a bullet train, traffic lights, household items
  • Backgrounds: 9 backgrounds, including shops and travel locations
  • Character Creator items: 15 upper items, 8 lower items, 6 feet items, 8 face decoration items, including yukata and uniforms
  • Actions for Adults: 37 new actions for adults, including using a fan and giving a business card with both hands

In the showreel templates below you’ll also find:

  • 15 template scenes for Japanese locations
  • 96 characters wearing outfits from this release

Templates and characters. Use this video template >

Props, actions and backgrounds. Use this video template >


Spanish, Japanese, and more languages in the Help Center

No matter how you say it, our latest update is worth celebrating.

The Vyond Help Center now supports nine new languages, allowing more makers to get support in their preferred language. Toggle between English, or any of these recent additions:

To find tutorials in other languages, visit the Help Center >

Save Scenes as a New Video


Have you ever wanted to turn parts of your video into a GIF? Or only share certain sections of your video project? Now, you can make quick copies of your selected scenes with the following steps:

  • Holding down the Ctrl / Cmd key, select the scenes and any audio you want to save
  • Right-click to open the menu
  • Select “Save as New Video”
  • A success snackbar will give you the option to open a new tab to view your scenes

Your new video will be saved in the same location as your original file.

Search in Japanese

You can now search for items in the library with Japanese keywords! We are experimenting to cover the majority of props and actions, but of course, all the latest Japan-themed assets are already searchable in Japanese.

New Audio Tracks

The list of background music audio has been updated! We’ve retired 58 tracks and added 79 new ones.

Retired audio

Any background music that was licensed by PremiumBeat has been retired. These will no longer be listed in the audio library. You will notice in old videos where the track has been used, the track name in the timeline will have “(Retired)” next to it.

New audio

Here is a list of our newly added background music:

  • Weekend Away
  • Undeniable Joy
  • Steady Climber
  • My Stories
  • Newphoria
  • Bossa Lounge
  • Seeds Of Solution
  • Fearfully, Wonderfully
  • Lazy Stroll
  • Thriving
  • Everlasting Energy
  • Time of Triumph
  • Make It Yours
  • Tricky Tracks
  • Deck The Halls
  • Achieving Your Goals
  • Creating Greatness
  • Sunshine Summer
  • Funky Meter Maid
  • Fun Fun Fun
  • Fields of Green
  • On The Double Trouble
  • Cosmonautics Memorial
  • Formally Yours
  • Loving Embrace
  • Chasing The Spotlight
  • Happy Bells
  • Smile And Jump
  • Bright Sparks
  • Morning Reflexion
  • Fresh And Simple
  • Mechanical Faces
  • Open Your Eyes
  • Cheerful Blossom
  • When Good Weather Goes Bad
  • Silent Night
  • A New Path
  • Happy Faces
  • Bright Days Ahead
  • Come On And Go
  • A More Perfect Day
  • Hit Me One Time!
  • Sunset in the Garden
  • Making Breakfast
  • Sass And Splendour
  • Holiday in the Sun
  • American Cafe
  • Listening Learning
  • One Foot After Another
  • Date Night
  • Merry Christmas Wishes
  • Mosaic
  • Back To You
  • Such a Sunny Day
  • Fun With Family
  • Talent On Parade
  • Clap And Stomp
  • Goofy Guitar
  • Bright Mornings
  • Mood One
  • Happy Cheers Holiday
  • Figure It Out Together
  • Modern Sophistication
  • Mendelssohn – Wedding March
  • Techno Phonia
  • Linear Happiness
  • Typing Pool
  • Chirpin’ Birdies
  • Epic Companions
  • Happy To Be Me
  • Secret Love
  • Countdown To Doom
  • Trumpet Voluntary
  • Zombie Planet
  • So Sad
  • March Of The Little People
  • Everyone Is Here
  • Panorama

Learn more about the audio track update from this article >