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Recap: Vyond attends Lectora User Conference

The lovely Lectora crew welcomed the Vyond team to their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio for the Lectora User Conference #LUC2017.

LUC Presentations

The conference was another great opportunity to dive deep into eLearning, meet our customers, and explore a new city.

First, our Marketing Manager, Amanda Morgan, delivered a great session about how to maximize your videos potential by minimizing the time in which you deliver the message.

In summary, she covered:

  1.   How to create effective microlearning videos simply and quickly
  2.   Best video practices for creating microlearning videos
  3.   What to consider when creating microlearning training videos

Our partner, Karl Kapp, presented an interactive keynote speech on using gamification to turn your audience into “secret agents.” We don’t mean to brag, but some described it as the best keynote they had heard in years.

Amanda’s presentation included a video made by Michael Zielinskie, a student from Blooomsburg University’s Instructional Technology Program. The presentation also referenced a video series on Microlearning by Lauren Freeman from her Master’s Thesis at the University of Texas.

Getting to meet you in person

So many of you came by the booth to say hello. Thank you! It’s always a treat to meet each and every one of you. We love when you take the time to show us your Vyond videos.

We’re happy to share some of their hard work here:

“How would you use Vyond?”

We also thought it would be fun to host a contest at our booth. Conference go-ers were asked to submit an answer to the question, “How would you use Vyond?” to our whiteboard for a chance to win a free subscription.

There were some great use cases suggested. Here are some of our favorites:

  • “Micro-videos for low bandwidth audience”
  • “Training our new hires”
  • “To tell stories instead of boring the student with text”
  • “To gain the trust and interest of highly skilled, but technically unsavvy users so they can do their jobs more effectively and serve their customers better.”
  • “As a lead in to help students get interested in the “dry” material
  • “Microlearning series about ‘Adulting 101: Life Skills”’
  • “Controversial issues: Harassment, safety mistakes, so no one thinks employees actually did it”

Katie from Navigant has the winning submission: “To help explain and market our in person courses”

Now that the wheels are turning, I’m curious, “How would you use Vyond?”


Another successful conference with Lectora. ‘Til next year, everyone!

Bonus material:

RelateLive and Amanda did a livestream interview about Vyond at LUC. Check it out below!

If you were a fan, you can also watch my interview with RelateLive here:


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