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Recap: Vyond attends Marketing Nation Summit

Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit 2017

“”The more personal the connection, the more genuine the response.”
– James Corden

What a lively few days at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit. This year the conference drew in its largest audience ever with over 6,000 marketers coming from all over the world to our beautiful Bay Area. The Vyond team divided our time between our booth on the expo floor and attending as many sessions as possible.

Take a look at our time on the expo floor:

Keynote and session takeaways

We ran all over the conference to soak up as much as we could from the session speakers. I’ll admit, two of the Keynote speakers: Queen Latifah and James Corden, left us a little starstruck. Queen Latifah advised marketers to embrace failures and to “be a constant student.” While Corden attributed the success of his show to maintaining honest and authentic content, “people just want you to tell the truth.”

“Customer experience is the new marketing.” – Brian Solis

Ultimately, most of the sessions boiled down to the importance of personalized engagement and honing in on the customer’s needs to turn them into product advocates.  To stay in the game, marketers need to be more thoughtful about what customers want to be engaged with and what they want to see. Therefore, brands have adapted from talking at their customers to listening to their customers and are allowing their customers to dictate their business.

“Number one rule of engagement: Listen to your audience.” -Steven Lucas

Best summed up in Alex Rynne’s LinkedIn conference overview,  “to adapt, marketers should build the bond early, grow, and evolve with the customer to create a bond for life.” A loyal community of followers, like Rome, isn’t built in a day.  It takes a deep knowledge of your target audience and it takes consistency.  

Vyond team shoutout

We’re going to take a moment to celebrate our very own Rebecah Wiegardt who delivered a compelling presentation alongside Gavin Drake of Quark on the benefits of investing in account based marketing (ABM) and how to integrate the sales organization into an ABM program.

Also, personal wins for the Vyond team included standing front row at a Train concert and separately on the expo floor, meeting Fabio!
If you’re curious about what else our team is up to, we capture behind the scenes footage in our Instagram story @Vyond. Follow us so you don’t miss out on future behind the scenes moments.


Last but not least, it was great to meet you all at the conference. Special thanks to our customers for coming over to our booth to say “hi!” and for sharing your Vyond videos with us.

I’ve included a couple of them here:


Were you at Marketing Nation Summit? What do you think of the takeaways?

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