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September Product Update

Import .MP4 Video

MP4 video files can now be imported into Vyond Studio, greatly expanding the type and styles of videos you can create!

Import live action video as a stand-alone scene, overlay text and graphics, or mix things up and use video alongside assets from one of our many styles. MP4 video can even be paired with props like computers or TVs to create the appearance of a video playing inside one of those devices.

  • Video format: MP4
  • File size: Maximum 100 MB
  • Resolution: Maximum Full HD 1080p (landscape or portrait)

For more detailed information about working with .MP4 files and other technical and filetype limitations, take a look at this help center article.

Take a look at the video below for an example mixing live action video and Vyond Studio’s assets.



New Text Assets

We’ve added a wide range of new text assets to allow users more flexibility with their content, including bulleted text, captions, and text call-outs. These new assets make it incredibly easy to make call-outs, and are ideal to use in conjunction with imported .MP4 video to add a professional look and feel to your completed projects.


Speech Bubbles

New speech bubble designs allow you to easily adjust the tail to point toward the speaker. Speech bubbles can be found in the Shapes category under props in the Contemporary style.

Search Your Videos

A new search function allows you to find your videos by name, making it much easier to find specific videos on the Your Videos page.


Simple Shape Opacity Control

You can now control opacity of many simple shapes (found by typing “shapes” into the search bar). Opacity controls can be found by highlighting a shape, then selecting ‘more’ from the menu bar.

Expanded Outer Stage

We’ve expanded the boundary around the stage to make it easier to use larger assets. Previously, large assets could bump up against an invisible boundary outside the stage – making it difficult to properly position them within the scene. This update removes that limitation.

New Content

  • Props (Contemporary): Total 83 (Including animals – part 2, sports, shipping and farming)
  • Props (Business Friendly): Total 93 (Including pharma and retail)
  • Actions (Contemporary): Total 36 (Including sports and shipping)
  • Actions (Business Friendly): Total 10 (Including pharma and shipping)
  • Templates (Contemporary): Total 3 (Shipping)
  • Templates (Business Friendly): Total 9 (Including pharma and retail)
  • Backgrounds (Business Friendly): Total 5 (Including pharma and retail)
  • Character Creator Components: Total 8 (Including SWAT outfit, new hair and headgear, etc.)


Featured Help Center Articles

Our Help Center is full of articles written by our Customer Support team to help with common problems, give tips and tricks, and make your Vyond Studio experience better and easier. Take a look at this month’s featured articles:

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Where can I see previous versions or revision history of a video?
Revision History makes it easy to look at or revert to earlier images of a video. This article describes where and how to access your video’s previous versions.

Does Vyond Studio have keyboard shortcuts?
Vyond Studio has many keyboard shortcuts that can save time and streamline your video creation process. This article lists those shortcuts and their functions.