Taking Your Video the Extra Mile with Sound Effects


There are several elements that combine together to make a great video: a good story, a well-written script, quality (voice) acting, and sound effects…to name a few.

Sound effects may not have been on your video-making radar, but they’re pretty important. You can use them to support visuals with auditory cues, to set the tempo for your content, or to reinforce your storyline with comedy or realism. Sound effects help keep your audience engaged, and if the purpose of your video is to communicate your message (and it should be), then sound effects will give you a major boost.

So, What’s New?

Vyond subscribers have always been able to select from a wide array of music and sound effects. The moment you hit the ground running in the platform, you have hundreds of options at your fingertips. This week, we’ve expanded the music library, and replaced some of the previous sound effects with 125 new effects for ambient sounds, animal sounds, presentation sounds, and others, to fit your video-making needs.

Have a listen:



Vyond Sound Effects: Tips & Best Practices

Here’s a screen shot of the timeline from the video above, and the menu options you have when you select the .wav form (the purple and blue sound bars) and navigate to “volume.”


For best sounding sound effect results, follow these tips:

  • Be sure not to over-use sound effects, balance is key!
  • Pair sound with background music and/or ambient sounds for the best production quality
  • Use your timeline and enter & exit effect timing to guide your sound effect placement
  • Control sound effect or music volume by clicking on the .wav form in your timeline, and increasing or decreasing the volume percentage so effects, narration, and music are in balance
  • Using a sound effect more than once on a video? Duplicate sound effects by clicking on them in the timline, selecting “Duplicate,” and placing the duplicated version onto a new scene
  • Add “Default Fading” to your ambient sounds and music tracks so your audio cuts don’t sound harsh. Control audio fading manually by navigating to “Advanced Settings” in the Audio menu

Putting it All Together

Have a look at this video by Symbiosis Technologies. They’ve produced an explainer video for their lab experimentation platform, Lab-A. Notice the “click” and “scroll” sound effects they used to demo their platform? What do they contribute to your understanding of Lab-A? Sounds like “head scratch” and “crickets” also add comedic effect to their scientific explainer, and portray the end user’s initial pain point. The sound effects bring the video together and add the final touch needed to communicate their message.


LabA created their video before we added sound effects. Many similar sound effects can now be found in Vyond. If you need more effects than we currently have available, Lab A used Pond5. You can read more about how to select an audio library.

Locating Sound Effects 

Wondering which sound effects we used to create our Sound FX announcement video? Here they are, in order:

  • Ambience – Record Needle
  • FX – Robot Saying “One, Two, Three, Four, Five”
  • FX-Noise (paired with the “Bad Film” visual effect)
  • FX-Logo Shimmer
  • FX-Typing-Typewriter
  • Ambience-Supermarket
  • Ambience-Stadium
  • Ambience-In the Train
  • FX-Wings Flap
  • FX-Cat Meow-Kitten
  • FX-Pig Eat
  • FX-Dog Bark
  • FX-Rooster
  • FX-Lion Roar
  • FX-Pool Ball
  • FX-Digial Camera Click
  • FX-Cell Phone Buzz
  • FX-MRI Machine
  • FX-Pencil-Checkbox
  • FX-Writing-Marker
  • FX-Logo-Up Up and Away

How’s your video creation going?

Visit support.vyond.com for tutorials and answers to common questions. Email community@vyond.com with any questions, feedback, and sound effect suggestions.


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