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Text-to-Speech with Amazon Polly

“Our customers rely on GoAnimate [Vyond] to create their own dynamic videos, rich with animation, story, and voice. We rely on Amazon Polly to help deliver that voice in multiple tones, accents, and languages, which gives our customers ultimate flexibility in bringing their ideas to life.”

– Stacy Adams Head of Marketing, Vyond

For many of our customers, Vyond’s text-to-speech (TTS) function is critical to their development process. During the editing process, text-to-speech allows video makers to adjust their video’s timing around audio before adding their official voiceover. When creating videos for an international/multilingual audience, the text-to-speech function enables them to create video content in multiple languages and allows them the flexibility to make updates to their voice audio later on.

Vyond customer, Sandrine Boarqueiro‐Verdun, CEO of Kapitec Software uses Vyond to create whiteboard videos around Kapitec’s eLearning software. Boarqueiro-Verdun had this to say about Vyond’s TTS,

“The text-to-speech voices are very natural-sounding. Although we mainly use the French voices, having an extensive language selection provides us with the option to localize content for different regions. Our videos are well-received by our customers and viewed more than other content.”


We want to provide the most lifelike TTS voices to our customers, so Vyond uses Amazon Polly. Amazon Polly recently wrote about GoAnimate (Vyond) in a Case Study that you can read further here.

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