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Training Tuesday: Venturing Into Video Training

Welcome to Training Tuesday, a new section here on Video Maker Tips where we’ll occasionally post about trends in the training and e-learning industry, specific use cases of video in these industries, and more.

Today we want to feature a piece by our Chief Operating Officer, Gary Lipkowitz for Training Magazine.

Enjoy a snippet here:

The task of keeping training engagements fresh, interesting, and comfortable is often as much of a challenge to the trainer as it is keeping the content up to date. Thanks to today’s technology enabling on-demand content access, your employees present a high threshold of engagement—and a very small window in which to clear that threshold. And if the images don’t move, their imaginations do, quickly wandering elsewhere.

That’s why so many trainers have expanded the use of video in their programs. Digital video presentations are always as bright, precise, and clear as the day they were produced. They never have a coughing fit and could care less if they were transferred to a USB drive that someone stuffed in their pocket while they went dancing all night.

-Gary Lipkowitz, Training Magazine, August 2, 2013

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