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Using Animated Video in the Cloud

Gary, our COO, guest posts on Post Planner. The topic at hand sits in the epicenter of his expertise — namely that online video is here to stay; animation is an easy-to-manage subset of video, and that cloud-based platforms help businesses do all of this securely and inexpensively.  

Here’s a snippet:

Put customized videos on paid campaign landing pages. This traffic will be, on average, less brand-aware and a bit more jumpy than your home page traffic. So your videos should be shorter. More importantly, they should be customized to match the creative in your ads. If you’ve just promised the world’s first could-based doohickey, the video better mention “The world’s first cloud-based doohickey” in the first ten seconds. According to Unbounce, using videos on landing pages can boost conversion up to 80%.”

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