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Legacy to Vyond Studio Video Migration

All videos created in the Legacy video maker will be automatically copied to Vyond Studio by approximately April 11th. These videos can be found in a new “Legacy Videos” folder on the “Your Videos” page.  Don’t worry, all of your original videos will remain accessible and editable in the Legacy Video Maker as well.

Note that this is a one-way process, and videos created in Vyond Studio cannot be copied to the Legacy Video Maker.

What does this mean for you?

Aside from the presence of your Legacy videos in Vyond Studio, you shouldn’t notice any changes. However, because the technologies that support the Legacy Video Maker and Vyond Studio are different, the assets in your Legacy videos may not transfer perfectly and may require some adjustments.

What won’t transfer?

    • Imported PPT assets
    • Uploaded videos
    • Visual effects
    • Retired assets and styles (Lil Peeps, Comedy World, etc)
    • Cinematic and calendar charts
    • License expired music

Manually transferring videos

You now have the ability to transfer your Legacy videos to Vyond Studio manually by following the instructions in the video walkthrough below.


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