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Vyond Spring 2023 Release: Introducing Vyond Go, Plus New Features and Content

It’s no exaggeration to say that our Spring 2023 release is the biggest, most transformative product release in Vyond’s history. 

Not only have we added many new powerful customer-requested features to Vyond Studio, our award-winning video creation platform, we’re also thrilled to announce the launch of Vyond Go, the industry’s first AI-based script and video creator.


What is Vyond Go? 

Vyond Go will revolutionize the way business communications are created, making it possible to create professional video content from scratch, in seconds, using the power of generative AI.

The Vyond Go interface is incredibly simple. A Vyond user enters a few short prompts, indicating the video they want. Then, in a matter of seconds, Vyond Go delivers a script and an editable output that combines script, storyboard, and first-cut video all in one. Users can use the video as is, or make edits within Vyond Studio. It’s as simple as that.


Vyond Go will be available to all customers midyear. Want to be the first in line to try it out? Sign up for our waitlist here!

Join the Vyond Go Waitlist


2023 Spring Release Features 

When our customers share their ideas for improving Vyond Studio, we listen. Our Spring 2023 release delivers on our customers’ top five feature requests, providing more relevance, speed, and enterprise-grade functionality—and adds a new focus on accessibility.

These are the new features and capabilities, available now or being delivered to customers this summer.


Available Now: 


Global Search
Available to all plans

 New Vyond Studio feature: Global Search 


Vyond’s new global search feature helps you more easily locate the assets you need, including assets you’ve previously used within the platform. Our expanded search box now delivers all the scenes, props, charts, text, audio and uploads from our library related to keyword searches from previous projects, all in one place.


New Content
Available to all plans

 Spring 2023 Vyond Release: new content 


We’re always creating new content! In this release, we’ve delivered new industry-specific content for healthcare, office, home, manufacturing, food & outdoor, and learning & development,complete with new props, characters, and templates.


Coming Very Soon: 


Closed Captioning
Available to all plans

 Vyond Spring 2023 release: closed captioning 


You can now make your videos accessible to those with hearing impairments by adding closed captions. Automatically transcribe your voice over audio, then export TTS and voice over audio to an SRT file for use with courseware authoring tools, an LMS, or video hosting providers.


Text to Speech (TTS) Enhancements
Available to all plans

Text to Speech is getting a much-requested update. With our Spring Release, you’ll be able to control voice pitch and speed, as well as add emotion to voices. You’ll also be able to preview voices before adding them to a character, saving valuable time.


Asset Organization
Available to Professional and above

 Spring 2023 Vyond Release: Asset organization  


Save valuable time by easily organizing your favorite assets and creating your own collection. Organize and save your assets for easy search. Create branded collections, save your favorite props and characters, organize audio files and uploaded content, and create videos faster than ever before.


Bulk Audio Edit
Available to all plans

 Vyond 2023 Spring Release new feature: Bulk audio edit 


Save time by editing multiple audio tracks at once. Edit volume, fade, assigned character, and TTS settings at the same time, ensuring consistent sound across your video.


Instant Preview
Available to all plans

 Vyond Spring 2023 Release: Improved preview speed 


Tired of waiting for your previews to load? With this new update, you’ll be able to preview your videos almost instantly.

This update currently only applies to the Contemporary Style – but more instant preview updates are coming soon!


Want to see these exciting new features in action? Sign up for our free May webinar, Vyond’s Spring 2023 Release: The Future of Video Is Here.

Vyond’s Spring 2023 Release: The Future of Video Is Here