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Vyond Employee Highlight: Jordan Thinathin-singtalay, Senior Marketing and Events Specialist

Welcome to Vyond’s employee highlight series. This is a series aimed to highlight the talented individuals that work at Vyond across all departments and offices.


Meet Jordan Thinathin-singtalay, Vyond’s senior marketing and events specialist from the San Mateo office. As a marketing and events specialist, Jordan manages the logistical operations for all of Vyond’s marketing and community events.

Vyond employee highlight Jordan Thinathin-singtalay

What was your journey to becoming a marketing and events specialist?

I was offered a job as a video producer at a cybersecurity company. My job there was to film testimonials and create conference recap videos for campaigns and other marketing initiatives. I would travel to different cybersecurity conferences all over the world and I got a sense of what it took to plan an event. 

Eventually, I was offered the event’s role at the company and enjoyed it. I found it similar to video production. There is a lot of planning involved when you are working with a  team of people to create something that is bigger than yourself. Seeing customers happy at our booth or at an appreciation event gave me the same satisfaction as seeing one of my films on the big screen.

A few years later, I found Vyond and I was very excited when I saw the product. It meshed with my background and I didn’t know technology like this for video existed. I downloaded a free trial and made my cover letter in Vyond. I submitted the application and the rest is history.

What does your position entail?

I manage end-to-end logistical operations for all of our marketing and community events. This involves negotiating sponsorship contracts, booking flights and hotels, working with various vendors to build our conference booths, ordering all the cute swag we give away, and so much more. One of my favorite things about my job is being able to travel and talk to customers around the world.

Pictures of Jordan Thinathin-singtalay representing Vyond at conferences

Where is your hometown? What brought you to the Bay?

I grew up in San Jose, California, but I also lived in Las Vegas and Oklahoma before coming back to the Bay and living in Milpitas. I actually just moved back to San Jose again, so I guess it’s all come full circle.

Share an interesting fact or story about yourself.

Before I entered the tech/marketing space, I was an Airman with the United States Airforce. My job was to refuel military aircraft, mainly C-17s and KC-135s. It was really cool being an 18-year-old on the flight line, working next to these huge planes. Sometimes when I’m on a flight to a conference and I see the plane being refueled from the window, I get that nostalgic feeling of those warm summer nights on the flight line, with the sounds of jet engines roaring and the smell of jet fuel in the air.

A picture of Jordan Thinathin-singtalay during his years with the US Airforce

What is your favorite thing to eat?

I am absolutely in love with sushi. If I could, I would eat sushi every day. Some of my go-to’s for a casual sushi experience are Tomi Sushi on Moorpark in San Jose, Sushi Sam’s in San Mateo, Kazuma Sushi in Fremont, and Sendai Sushi in Milpitas when I’m hungry for rolls. Some of the best/most memorable sushi places I’ve been to so far have to be Shiro Sushi in Seattle and Sushi Dai in Tokyo.

What are your hobbies?

I still write film scripts here and there. I enjoy writing sketch comedy. My buddies and I like to act them out and record the audio, mostly for fun and to blow off steam. One of the bigger scripts that I’ve been working on for a few years now is a full-length movie about an amateur Bay Area rapper meeting a professional Japanese violinist. Maybe one day you’ll see the rest of the story!

Pictures of Jordan Thinathin-singtalay's hobbies

Why do you love Vyond?

There are many reasons to love Vyond. I’ve seen first-hand what the product can do. For me, it was landing an interview when I used the platform to make my cover letter. For others, it’s creating videos that impress their colleagues/bosses, help them advance in their careers, and just make their job role easier. It’s rare to go to conferences and have people stop by the booth just to say they love using your product but at Vyond, it’s a common occurrence.

I also love the people who work here. I really feel like I’m working amongst friends, rather than co-workers and I haven’t had that feeling at any other organization I’ve worked with in the past. 

What is one feature in Vyond that you think customers should know about?

Use quick access! If you frequently use the same colors, characters, props, and actions over and over again in different videos, save those assets to your quick access bar. It’ll save you so much time. 

Check out how to use quick access here.


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