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Vyond Employee Highlight: Queenie Lee, Senior UI Designer

Welcome to Vyond’s employee highlight series. This is a series aimed to highlight the talented individuals that work at Vyond across all departments and offices.


Meet Queenie Lee, Vyond’s senior UI designer from the Hong Kong office. As a senior UI designer, Queenie’s role is to create user interfaces that are able to facilitate a user-centric experience and communicate the interactions smoothly.

What was your journey to becoming a senior UI designer?

My interest grew in graphic design when I was still in high school, but it was being a communication design major in university that gave me the opportunity to deepen my learning in typography, illustration, and publication design.

Soon after I graduated, I joined Vyond as a visual designer. It was never really my ‘plan’ to go into UI design as I was never trained specifically for it. However, I came to understand that developing visuals for a videography/animation platform and honing its interface for users are hardly separable. I went on to pick up the skills needed by reading related books and resources online and learned a lot from my colleagues along the way. Turns out there is common ground between what I have learned in school and this ‘new’ design realm that I am venturing into. Overall speaking it was definitely a fun journey.

What does your position entail?

My role is to come up with user interfaces that are able to facilitate a user-centric experience and communicate the interactions smoothly. I closely collaborate with UX designers to improve the product and bring exciting features to our customers. To keep the design consistent across the platform, I also help manage and maintain the design components library.

Where is your hometown?

I am from Hong Kong and have been living in this city since I was born. Hong Kong is a densely populated city and famous for its fast-paced lifestyle. Growing up in this city forces me to adapt to rapidly changing situations quickly –– live fast, eat fast, and walk fast.

Share an interesting fact or story about yourself.

In my childhood, I thought letters, words, or a phrase have their specific colors and the color relationship cannot be violated. Later, I found out it’s known as synesthesia, experiencing one of your senses through another and blending two perceptions together. Synesthetes can “see” music as shapes or “see” words as color. Do you also associate a color to a particular letter?

What is your favorite thing to eat?

I love a good plate of freshly cooked fried rice and one of my favorite places that serve this is ‘Yuk Kin Fast Food’ in Sheung Wan. My teammates brought me there when I first joined the company. Yuk Kin does a wide variety of fried rice so you will never run out of options. The shop also has an outdoor dining area where we can all have an enjoyable meal under the sun.

What are your hobbies?

I am really into Japanese comics, animation, and music. With Japan’s unique history and culture, the traits of all the book covers, character design, and music videos are aesthetically pleasing to look at. I always found it inspirational in many ways when reading manga, background settings broaden my imagination, character development touched my heart, and the storyboard compositions were outside the boxes!

Why do you love Vyond?

I was fascinated by the amount of content provided by Vyond! You can compose a story from scratch or get inspiration from the templates. With countless character actions, you can animate many scenarios to convey a message. I really enjoy applying different colors, customizing characters’ outfits, moving around all the props to build an original scene.

I learned the importance of diversity and accessibility from Vyond. I love how Vyond recognizes and cares about those aspects when designing features or creating content. Hoping the product can attract customers from different countries or cultures, and be able to enjoy the same delightfulness from making animated videos.

What is one feature in Vyond that you think customers should know about?

Asset View and Global Edit! With a few magical clicks, you can update the props’ color or replace assets across scenes. It saves a lot of time and effort to update the assets one by one.

Check out how to use global edit here.

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