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Vyond Employee Highlight: Shari Bryant, Director of Program Management

Welcome to Vyond’s employee highlight series. This is a series aimed to highlight the talented individuals that work at Vyond across all departments and offices.


Meet Shari Bryant, Vyond’s director of program management from the San Mateo office. As the director of program management, Shari provides localized support for process development and optimization.

What does your position entail?

I provide localized support for process development and optimization and also coordinate and manage programs that affect the company as a whole. For example, Vyond’s information security and privacy programs are both managed by the Program Management Office. As social justice is a personal passion of mine, I also chair the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion @ Vyond program.

What are some of the bigger projects you are working on now?

Information security is definitely our primary focus most days. One of the core tenets of our program is “continuous improvement.” This means we’re always looking for ways to enhance our existing controls to better account for the ever-changing landscape of security.

Where is your hometown? What brought you to the Bay (if you are not from here).

I grew up in Orlando and moved out to the Bay for a job opportunity (and to be closer to my sister). I’m still a Florida girl at heart, but the Bay is truly my home.

Share an interesting fact or story about yourself.

Though my day job largely focuses on data security, my original areas of study in college were studio art and Japanese language. I love drawing portraits – I even did caricatures at Walt Disney World for a summer job – and I recently opened a small art studio in San Carlos.  

Other than that, I played bass guitar in a small rock band for a few years. The drummer was my twin sister!

What is your favorite thing to eat? 

I love Japanese food and Southern food. Thankfully there’s an abundance of the former out here in the Bay, though sadly not the latter. Yakitori Kokko in downtown San Mateo is great for yakitori and tapas, and Yuzu on 37th Ave is a fabulous little sushi joint. For Southern food, so far my favorite restaurant has been my own kitchen!

What are your hobbies?

I freely admit I have entirely too many hobbies. But I love writing, creating art, making music, and watching movies.

Why do you love Vyond?

One of my favorite things to do in Vyond Studio is to create gifs. It’s super quick to piece together a short vignette to spruce up an otherwise standard communication. Included are a few gifs I created a little while ago as part of a weekly book club reminder:

What is one feature in Vyond that you think customers should know about?

As an artist, my favorite feature is the character creator. There’s so much variety in the clothing and design, I love recreating my friends and family in the studio.

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