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#YouNeedVideo Event at GoAnimate HQ, Aug 22

Join us for our third #YouNeedVideo event in San Mateo, CA at GoAnimate Headquarters to learn how to create and use animated videos and customer testimonial videos within your SaaS marketing and sales efforts.


AGENDA – August 22, 2017

6:00pm-6:15pm: Networking, Music, and Drinks

6:15pm-6:20pm: “Introduction”: Jorge Soto, Co-founder and CEO at

6:20pm-6:45pm: “What is #video marketing and how to get started effectively?”: Craig Jordan, CEO and Chief Strategist at SaaScend | Connect with Craig on Linkedin

6:45pm-7:00pm: “How to use animated videos to drive leads”:Amanda Morgan, Marketing Manager at GoAnimate | Connect with Amanda on Linkedin



7:00pm-7:15pm: How to film “humans” talking in front of the camera for sales and marketing leaders: Tomas De Matteis, Co-founder and Head of Product at | Connect with Tomas on Linkedin


7:15pm-7:45pm: Closing Remarks by Jorge Soto, CEO at, More Networking


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