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Fortune 500 Telecom Company Builds Stronger Customer Support Teams with Vyond

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Service reps rate video series 5/5 for helpfulness

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As one of the world’s leading providers of technology and communications services, this global technology company serves 99% of the Fortune 500 and 150+ countries globally.






A Fortune 500 telecom company counts on their global customer service workforce of 56,000 to support their growing U.S. customer base. To deliver excellent service, these reps need a strong understanding of products, operations, and their U.S. customers’ priorities and communication preferences.

Feedback about existing training content showed learners had knowledge gaps around terminology and common customer scenarios, making the content less effective. So the customer service team turned to the L&D team for help.

In turn, the L&D team turned to Vyond to help them create a new series of microlearning videos. “With the scene customization, library of character diversity options, props, and opportunities for visual humor, I knew Vyond would help us tell stories that learners could connect with,” says Adam Fosnaugh, Consultant of Instructional Design.

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Adam and his team created a series of energetic, entertaining, and educational videos in Vyond called “Making Connections” focused on topics that international partners identified as most challenging, like customer value, billing, and working with connected devices.

The goal was to draw parallels that service reps and their leaders could better understand and relate to. The team wanted the videos to help clear up confusion, create “aha” moments for the team, and spark dialogue.

All current service reps were required to take the training, and the L&D team partnered with the service rep onboarding team to ensure all new hires take it going forward. To measure effectiveness, learners complete a competency questionnaire before and after the training. After Vyond training, learners’ competency improvement percentages were in the double digits across all three categories.

How Vyond helped

“Making Connections” has since grown to include eight videos and counting, and, to date, each video has gotten 10,000+ views and a 5/5 rating for its engagement level and relevance to learners’ roles.

The project has been held up as an internal training success story and the series has been included in a broader initiative around customer service innovation.

“These requests could have easily been addressed with a paragraph and stock image on a one pager, which would have been forgotten the second the representative looked at it,” Adam says. “But we didn’t go that route. The learners are invested in the topics, because we were invested in getting them to pay attention. That would not have been possible without Vyond.”

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Vyond allowed me to not just educate but to tell a story. Integrating my script was easy with Vyond’s wide assortment of assets.

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Adam Fosnaugh
Consultant of Instructional Design

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