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Leading Health Solutions Company Drives Learner Engagement with Vyond

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Vyond is their “top tool” for enabling 1,200 client-facing reps

About the company

This leading U.S. health solutions company provides a broad range of health care services from pharmacy to health plans.






The 1,200 relationship managers working for the prescription insurance subsidiary of this major U.S. health solutions company provide firstline support for millions of end customers.

To succeed, it’s crucial that these relationship managers stay up to date on prescription policies and procedures so they can properly navigate the company’s complex systems and prevent claim processing errors. Mistakes can create problems with prescription pricing and accuracy, delayed claims processing, costly corrections—and poor customer experience. And relationship managers’ frustration with insufficient training leads to increased turnover.

Ensuring benefits relationship managers stay up to speed on business-critical information falls to the organization’s Client Services Training & Communications Senior Manager of Instructional Design and a broader team of 500 internal trainers. And videos created with Vyond are one of their biggest keys to success.

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The team uses Vyond for many different relationship manager training programs, including onboarding. “We use Vyond for role-specific, day-in-the-life–style orientation videos and GIFs, all of which has been exceedingly helpful in creating engagement in our LMS lessons,” says the Senior Manager.

Vyond videos also help relationship managers understand major initiatives, such as a recent push to increase the accuracy of their responses. For this, the team created a series of videos explaining expectations, policies, procedures, and job role specifics, with plenty of examples. “Using Vyond helps keep the content consumable and simple,” he says.

Beyond training, the team uses templated videos made with Vyond to more efficiently showcase operational accomplishments, instead of asking leaders to record regular video messages.

How Vyond helped

The team says stronger learner engagement and time savings are the two biggest benefits of using Vyond.

“Vyond lets us give our relationship managers the why behind trainings to engage them at the outset,” the Senior Manager says. And better engagement paves the way for higher accuracy, better customer service, and reduced turnover.

Also, the team is spending less time creating content because of the platform’s intuitive interface, extensive template library, and features that allow them to quickly create and share assets across users.

“A few years ago we created a learning journey for account management where we animate the journey as a car,” he adds. “It took us about 20 hours to create it in Articulate. But now with Vyond, we can create something similar in just a few clicks.”

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We use Vyond to grab our audience’s attention and help convey the context — the “why” — behind training courses and communications.

Senior Manager of Instructional Design
Client Services Training & Communications

65% of the Fortune 500 and millions of users trust Vyond

Forward-thinking business leaders rely on Vyond to ensure their mission-critical messages cut through the noise and motivate their stakeholders to take action.

For these leaders and their teams, Vyond’s intelligent video creation software is an indispensable tool for educating and engaging employees—and driving better business outcomes across their organizations.

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