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Tanium Simplifies Complex Cybersecurity Topics with Vyond

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Vyond training helps Tanium’s customers, partners, and employees understand their platform

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About Tanium

Tanium is a cybersecurity and endpoint management platform serving some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations.


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Tanium’s cybersecurity and endpoint management solutions are highly complex. When customers and prospects don’t fully understand Tanium’s solutions, they miss out on the full value they’re due. So to help educate these audiences, the training team manages a certification curriculum.

“Getting Started with Tanium” is their free, public introductory course. Learners’ experience with the course influences whether or not they continue on with the program (and in some cases, if they want to move forward with becoming customers).

The challenge was that the course began with a series of text-based modules, requiring learners to absorb complex material through reading alone. There was a clear opportunity to improve engagement, course completions, and learning retention.

Tanium’s ten-person training team sought a way to boost engagement and make the content resonate better.

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Chaya Rao, director of training development, suggested they deliver this critical content with videos created with Vyond.

“In a highly technical industry like ours, we’ve found that subject-matter experts may put more focus on the science — accuracy and details — than the art — the storytelling and learner experience,” Chaya says. “Both matter and it’s our job to keep them in balance.”

Chaya and her team assessed all the existing text-based material for “Getting Started with Tanium” to determine where scenarios and visuals would be most valuable.

“We wanted Vyond to help us explain not only what the product could do, but also the context for why or when someone would use a feature,” Chaya says.

The team brought their 50+ newly created Vyond videos into Rise 360 and added interactive elements like knowledge checks.

How Vyond helped

With the revamped intro course launched, the team continues to gather learner survey data about it. And anecdotal feedback has been very positive.

Given the positive reception, Chaya and her team next plan to use Vyond to overhaul a program that’s currently held as a three-day, in-person training. They’ve also been using Vyond to create simplified visuals of Tanium product features and to animate complex, product-related processes to make them easier to understand.

The team’s Vyond projects are getting noticed across the company. They’ve gotten requests for Vyond videos for sales enablement and marketing content, business processes and policies, compliance topics, and holiday-greeting content.

The team has been inspired to upgrade to an Enterprise license based on their broad Vyond adoption and the full development roadmap ahead. And especially because Tanium is a security company, the Enterprise Secure Suite features were also a major selling point.

According to Chaya, “At Tanium, Vyond is here to stay.”

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More Tanium teams want to recreate their content in Vyond for higher impact. So we’re upgrading to an Enterprise license, onboarding more Vyond creators across the company, and training them to become power users.

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Chaya Rao
Director of Training Development

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