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This Global Tech Company Trains New Sales Reps 5x Faster with Vyond

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Vyond helped transform a text-based onboarding course into an interactive experience that’s 80% shorter—and more effective

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This global tech company is a world leader for integrated travel, expense, and invoice management.


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The Learning Experience team at a global multinational technology company creates training to help their 5,000+ sales and marketing team members supporting its enterprise platforms do their jobs well.

One of the team’s biggest initiatives is to provide new sales hires with a deep understanding of the key customer profiles, from accounts payable to enterprise leadership roles, like CFO and CIO, that they’ll be reaching out to: who they are, what they care about, and how to position their software as a solution that supports customers’ business goals.

For years, they assigned learners a primarily text-based course that comprised five sessions, each about 30 minutes. The information was great, says Laurel Schulert, Senior Director of Learning Experience, but the presentation was proving ineffective.

“It was dry. If you did all those courses back to back, it was really boring by the time you got to the third one, and we were asking new hires to complete five.”

So Senior Instructional Designer Dave Kerschbaum and a few other team members set out to revamp the onboarding course with Vyond.

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Vyond customer approach


Dave and the team used Vyond and Articulate Storyline to recreate the course as an interactive, video-game-style experience.

Learners “meet” key customer personas as Vyond characters in an office setting. Clicking on a character like the CFO opens a branching module where she’ll explain her responsibilities and challenges, the ways a tool like the tech company’s platform could help her team, and her potential objections.

How Vyond helped

Learners (and their managers) find the revamped course more engaging than the original course.

“You're learning the same information as the text-based course, but you're learning it through the roleplay of conversations and it's so much more interesting,” Laurel says. “It's not boring anymore. People are genuinely telling us that it's fun, and we're really proud of it!”

The new course also delivers the same information faster. The text-based course ran about 2.5 hours, whereas the new version takes learners 30 minutes maximum to complete — a time savings of 80%.

The Learning Experience team says they continue to rely on Vyond for projects big and small. One of their favorite use cases is creating short Vyond videos about customer stories to help new sales reps build a library of anecdotes they can reference in conversations.

The team also creates Vyond videos as standalone assets to embed within PowerPoint presentations or as a series to include in full eLearning courses. They’ve also used short Vyond videos to promote and build excitement for live, instructor-led training, like a recent course for managers on inclusive hiring.

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We’re Vyond enthusiasts. It's a tool we really enjoy using. It’s so easy for everyone to jump right in and it’s really fast to put together a high-quality product.

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Laurel Schulert
Senior Director of Learning Experience

Learning Experience team member Jennifer Sheldon on how Vyond Go makes her job easier

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