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How a Top 25 Financial Services Company Transformed Their Training Program with Engaging “Infotainment” Videos

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Employee views on Vyond videos increased 73-fold over PDFs

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This publicly traded financial services company is one of the top 25 holding companies in the U.S. with more than $190 billion in assets.


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At one major financial services company, it’s the Engagement team’s job to arm nearly 2,000 customer support representatives with the industry information and company updates they need to best serve customers.

The Engagement team’s business-critical messages to these employees had been taking the form of text-heavy documentation, shared via email. But engagement was low: emails sat unopened in inboxes, with business-critical information being ignored until the last possible minute.

To solve this urgent engagement problem, the team knew they had to rethink how they communicated key company messages.

“We were solving for two challenges,” says an Engagement Manager on the team. “First is, how can we communicate in a way that’s ‘chunkable’ and digestible? And another is, how do we help our messages not get lost in the shuffle?”

That led the team to Vyond.

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The team decided to move away from text-heavy content and communications in favor of a video-centric, micro-learning approach. They’d condense pages of information into “infotainment” videos to convey key messages to frontline contributors in a way that was fun and engaging—and made people look forward to new emails from the team.

“We had a hunch that people are more willing to click a video and engage with something that’s not a four-page instruction manual,” the Engagement Manager says.

How Vyond helped

With Vyond, the team transformed their text-based lessons and hours-long sessions into concise, digestible videos sent with email.

In one case, an eight-page document became a three-minute video. In another, the team condensed a four-hour teaching session into an eight-minute video.

The improvements to engagement were even more dramatic. The team saw drastic increases in employee views when they used Vyond videos compared to PDF newsletters, which saw views in the single digits. In one case, views increased 24-fold, and in another, 73-fold.

And switching to a microlearning video approach didn’t just boost engagement. Adding visual and audio to their training materials has enabled the team to more clearly communicate complicated ideas, which has helped ensure that their trainings “stick.”

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“Every email our employees get is fighting for their attention. We’ve got to convince them to open and click ours – and Vyond gives us leverage.”

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Top 25 Financial Services Company

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