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How the University of Illinois System’s Office of Medicaid Innovation Accelerated Video Production 400% With Vyond

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Dramatic time savings

Vyond helped create training 4x faster than outside vendor

About University of Illinois System – Office of Medicaid Innovation

The Office of Medicaid Innovation is a specialty unit within the University of Illinois System—a consortium of three public Illinois universities—that helps the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services administer the state’s Medicaid program by providing administrative, clinical, and operational services.


Higher Education




The learning and development team at the University System’s Office of Medicaid Innovation (OMI) is responsible for designing workforce learning experiences, resources, and solutions for partners across OMI’s scope of work, including behavioral health provider training."

The team hired a vendor to produce an animated video training course related to behavioral health protocols. The vendor intended to create a series of one-character, one-scene monologues from scratch in Adobe. But after over two years, progress had stalled. It wasn’t clear when, if ever, the vendor would deliver the program.

Vyond customer challenge
Vyond customer approach


Meanwhile, Dakota Thomas-Wilhelm joined the organization as the team lead for training and development. As Dakota reviewed the scripts and storyboard for the course, he saw an opportunity to both speed up production and make the experience more engaging by developing the characters more fully, letting them interact more, and breaking the course into shorter videos—from five modules into ten.

The team had already been using Vyond on other projects, and by then, Dakota started experimenting with the software. He offered to revise the script and create a prototype of the training course in Vyond while the team waited on movement from the vendor.

How Vyond helped

Working with Vyond’s ready-made templates, with just six months of Vyond experience, Dakota produced a new version of the training series in a quarter of the time it had taken the vendor thus far, despite multiple rounds of script rewrites and approvals. The team successfully launched the training videos made with Vyond, discontinued the original project, and continues to use Vyond to create more engaging, interactive training programs for the university.

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“Our administration was very, very pleased with the development time and the results.”

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Dakota Thomas-Wilhelm
Training & Development Team Lead

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