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Why a Healthcare Products Company Relies on Vyond for Regulatory Compliance

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Vyond plays a key role in ensuring the company’s employee operators meet industry compliance standards

About the company

This multinational corporation produces pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer packaged goods.




At the pharmaceutical branch of a healthcare products company, the quality team’s mission is to ensure that their employee operators producing pharmaceutical products understand and follow proper procedures for safety, quality, and excellence.

In the heavily regulated pharmaceutical industry, even a small error can lead to costly consequences — like having to destroy entire batches of product — so effective training is critical.

The problem was, the text-heavy documentation outlining procedural pharmaceutical “good manufacturing practice” regulations (GMP) read like a legal contract — not an employee-friendly training manual. Even more confusing, process steps weren’t always laid out in the order employees actually experience them, because the documentation was written for compliance to health authority requirements rather than for operators. This formal, text-only approach was becoming a barrier to employee understanding — and better overall compliance.

“Wherever we can, we want to move away from read-only training,” says a leader from the quality team, noting this objective aligns to health authorities’ expectations, too.

While GMP requirements dictated that they couldn’t replace all written documentation, the team wanted to explore more visual — and multilingual — ways to train employees, using more operator-friendly language presented visually and audibly, leading them to Vyond.

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The team started adding Vyond videos to their blended learning approach, which also incorporates training methods like individual hands-on training, eLearning, classes using virtual and augmented reality, live-action video, and classroom elements.

They’ve used Vyond videos to visualize and help employees better digest the content — like “good documentation practice in a GMP environment” — covering different learning styles since not everyone learns best by reading.

The team leader, who has by now produced over 300 Vyond videos, has found “error-based classroom training” supported by Vyond videos particularly helpful: creating specific content to correct common or recent errors.

“Our ‘find the error’ training videos stick with people more than reading five pages with no visuals,” she says.

“I like to use Vyond videos as an ice breaker for the training session,” she adds. “Trainees watch and say ‘oh, this can’t happen with us,’ and I’ll say ‘it did, two weeks ago.’ That captures attention. Then we can start our discussion and get into the details.”

How Vyond helped

Not only has Vyond increased their employee operators’ engagement with training and supported better results and training effectiveness, the leader also says it’s saved her team significant time and headaches from live-action video production.

Videos created in Vyond take 80% less time to produce than a live-action video, she says. They’re also much easier to edit and update, which is especially valuable in a highly regulated environment where processes change often.

She also appreciates Vyond’s text import/export feature, which lets her easily export video scripts for compliance reviews by quality experts. “If you want to make any changes, you just add the better wording in the cell, reimport, and the video is updated,” she says.

And finally, Vyond’s instant translation feature has been a big time saver for this international company with sites all over the world. “We can’t have materials only in English,” she says. “To translate things from one language to another, the translation feature is really saving us time.”

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HR saw my Vyond training and wanted the same thing for all their training. A leader reached out to me asking, ‘what agency did you work with?’ I said, ‘it’s me — I’m the agency!’

Quality Team Leader

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