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Why Terminix Relies on Vyond to Provide Critical Safety Training to Its Mobile Workforce

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Enabling specialists to deliver chemical pest control safely to 50,000 customers daily

About Terminix

Owned by Rentokil Initial plc, Terminix is a leading provider of residential and commercial pest control. Combined, Rentokil and Terminix serve over 80 countries across 1,800 local branches.


Pest Control




Every day, Terminix specialists visit 50,000+ homes and businesses to protect them against pests like termites, mosquitos, and rodents. It’s critical that Terminix’s workforce is trained on best practices for the chemicals they use to ensure they’re operating in the safest possible way.

Specialists also need mobile access to technical content while they’re out in the field: for example, when they’re mixing pest control chemicals, technicians must always reference relevant label and safety information. Terminix’s proprietary mobile app was a great medium for delivering field training, but much of their training content was still text-based.

Senior instructional designer Jon Hegidio wanted to experiment with sharing microlearning videos, but live-action video production and upkeep had become too costly, both in dollars and carbon footprint.

Specifically, Jon and his team wanted the ability to produce animated videos that portrayed a wide variety of workplace environments and the flexibility to update videos as regulations changed. He had experience with Vyond from a previous role and thought it’d be a great fit for this challenge.

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Vyond customer approach


Jon’s team has used Vyond to transform complex, printed reference materials into highly engaging microlearning videos for Terminix’s mobile app on topics ranging from measuring a piece of land to mixing and applying a mosquito-control product with a sprayer.

“There's a lot of work to be done and we want to get our specialists out into the field as fast as possible,” Jon says. “We’re seeing that our approach with training video and mobile access helps Terminix deliver better service more efficiently.”

How Vyond helped

Jon says Vyond helps Terminix move and iterate faster: now he and his team can quickly translate their ideas into storyboards and scripts, get stakeholder review, and create a finished product in house within hours, when it used to take days or weeks.

Using Vyond also saves the company “thousands and thousands of dollars” — and shrinks their projects’ carbon footprint — compared to traditional video or film production techniques, where script revisions, re-shoots, and talent rehires are not uncommon. In fact, their new animated video training approach has proven so successful, Terminix plans to expand its use globally.

“We’re turning around projects faster and less expensively than ever before,” Jon says.

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Vyond has been such a great solution for us. It’s less expensive and labor-intensive compared to doing video production in-house, and it gives us the results we need. That’s a big win, both for our team and for management.

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Jon Hegidio
Senior Instructional Designer

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