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It’s official: Vyond is a Great Place to Work®!

October 21, 2021

In October of 2021, Vyond was certified as a Great Place to Work®!


What Vyond employees have to say

Survey says: 86% of our employees state Vyond is a great place to work. It has been a pleasant surprise to learn about our Talent’s positive experiences. This is a specially remarkable achievement when we compare it to the national average of 59%. We are honored to receive such positive responses from our employees and we aim to continue celebrating their talent and diligence.

 Vyond is a certified great place to work  



A culture of collaboration

As for the responses for “Why is Vyond is a great place to work?” our employees express that people, creativity, and teamwork culture are key elements of their positive experience at Vyond. We invest in our employees’ wellbeing and growth in a holistic way. In response, our talent cares for the product we offer and the clients we serve.

Learn more about Vyond’s results from the Great Place to Work® Trust Index™ survey.

Other key findings

Furthermore, the report provided by Great Place to Work®  also shares the following pieces of information about Vyond as a company:

    • 91% of our employees feel Vyond’s services are excellent.
    • About 90% of our employees express our management recognizes their mistakes.
    • A total of 90% of our employees are proud to tell others they work at Vyond.
    • And finally, 90% of our employees report feeling welcomed when they join the company.

Head over to the complete report for more insights.


Join the Vyond team

At Vyond, we foster a culture of inclusion and appreciation of different identities and ideas. Moreover, we are proud of our employees and promote and celebrate their career growth. And finally, we welcome and encourage creativity and want to make our employees feel at home.

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