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Animated marketing videos can influence consumers during the buyer’s journey. A late 2020 study showed how brands’ videos convinced 84% of people to buy a product or service from the company.

There are different types of videos, with explainers, product demos, and tutorials being some of the most popular. This versatility lets you pick the format you like the most and fulfill your marketing goals: awareness, trust, or sales.

1. Fabulous

Fabulous is an app that teaches you how to build habits faster. The brand published a detailed answer to a customer’s question related to habit-building, following some of the tips they feature inside their app.


The video revolves around customers, making them trust that the brand values their opinions. Since Fabulous is addressing all their concerns, customers don’t have a reason to seek another vendor.

You can build trust, too, by giving customers a space to share concerns about your product or service. An animated Q&A is the best format to address these concerns. The structure is casual, so you and your customers can speak without fear of sounding unprofessional.

2. GM Voices

GM Voices pairs companies with professional voice actors to use for voiceovers, on-hold messages, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) among others. They made a promotional video of a father trying to speak to Santa through the North Pole’s contact center.


The video shows the stress a client goes through because of a faulty contact center, which GM Voices can solve through one of their services. Viewers relate to the story, leading them to question if there’s a better alternative to inefficient phone systems.

The first step in creating relatable videos is to understand your audience. Research the undesirable situations people go through with other vendors. Then, create a storyboard that highlights these situations. Viewers will realize these situations aren’t optimal and reach out for a solution: your brand.

3. City of London Corporation

The City of London Corporation is the governing body of London, working toward a thriving and secure city. They created a video to encourage people to participate in apprenticeships.


This video is effective because it uses characters of different ages and backgrounds to communicate that any person can apply for an apprenticeship. It also shows how their workplace is friendly for all types of people, attracting diversity and inclusion advocates.

Research from Accenture shows how 63% of global consumers favor products and services from brands that share their values and beliefs. Share your opinions and how social causes influence your company’s operations so that you can attract potential customers interested in what you stand for.

4. is an education platform that teaches people how to learn Dutch through online self-paced courses and live e-summer schools. Some of their YouTube videos, like the one below, teach basic Dutch lessons to anyone looking to learn the language.


This YouTube video allows the brand to promote itself by providing an idea of how structures its Dutch lessons. Viewers can see how the product looks at no cost before they purchase.

So if you want to sell courses online and/or increase your e-commerce performance, you need to showcase your product and process so customers can see what their customer experience will look like. It will help them feel more comfortable buying when they know more about how your service works.

5. Cleveland Water

Cleveland Water provides high-quality potable water in Northeast Ohio. To help the region, they produced a brief video teaching civilians how to find a water leak.


While the video’s goal isn’t to sell but educate, teaching consumers impacts sales. Cleveland Water exposes its service effortlessly through educational videos, reaching potential customers in a format they want to see more often.

Consumers visit Google and social media every day to answer questions or discover more about a topic they’re interested in. These are moments to expose your brand to customers. You can leverage these moments by creating educational videos around industry trends, giving tips to improve a specific skill, or going over the steps to perform a task.

6. Matt Moran

Matt Moran offers coaching services to teams and individuals who want to improve their communication during internal and external events. In one video, Matt uses animation to visualize the habit of using filler words while we speak.


Mixing animation with live-action videos allows Matt to present high-quality examples of people using filler words. Besides being a cost-effective alternative to hiring actors, animated examples remind viewers of a problem’s drawbacks. In this case, a weakness that viewers can work with Matt to overcome.

Potential customers aren’t always aware of a problem or its drawbacks. Like Matt, you can use animated marketing videos to show and add context to the problem you solve while saving thousands of dollars in actors and animators.

7. Microsoft Enable

Microsoft Enable focuses on making Microsoft’s technologies accessible to people with disabilities. In this three-minute video, they explain how game developers can make video games accessible to colorblind people.


The video builds brand awareness for Microsoft Enable by introducing developers to their inclusive technologies. It also lets developers know they can lean on the team’s technologies for future projects. You can replicate what made this video effective by describing the problems your product solves, the undesirable situations people go through because of these problems, and how your product is a solution.

8. Pious Projects

Pious Projects is a non-profit organization raising money to support humanitarian emergencies and needs across the world. They used an explainer video to describe their Ramadan Race, an event to collect funds for those in need.


Companies use explainer videos to describe an event, product, or service in detail. These videos highlight a brand’s value propositions, motivating potential customers to purchase. MailLift, for example, increased its conversion rate by 67% after adding an animated explainer video to its homepage.

Creating an explainer video doesn’t have to be complicated. You can simply go through the steps potential customers follow to buy from you and then record a walkthrough. The goal is to highlight the value and end doubts. So, support your video with engaging animations, real-life footage, and screenshots if necessary.

9. Brandman University

Brandman University is a private educational institution with campuses in California and Washington. The university produced a video to introduce the CII, an in-house team.


Videos empower 93% of professionals to spread knowledge, which gives Brandman University the confidence that their new update will reach their entire customer base: students from all campuses.

Animated marketing videos can help you create engaging videos your target audience wants to share, whether you are launching a new product or service. When creating them, remember to keep them free of jargon so that even someone mildly aware of your product can share it with a potential customer.

10. Parabol

Parabol is a tool that agile teams can use to run retrospectives, check-ins, and estimation meetings to spot areas for improvement and develop plans to overcome obstacles. They summarized their features in a short video.

Parabol’s tools follow nuanced processes, which makes capturing them in a short article a challenging task. Unlike text-based messages, videos do a great job of capturing complex topics and data. You can add graphics, examples, and motion graphics to describe your product or service in detail.

You don’t have to exclude subtle details of your product or service because they are hard to explain. Instead, lean on examples and visuals. They allow viewers to grasp the value you are providing and proceed with a purchase.


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