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Look up in the sky. It’s a bird..it’s a plane…it’s a cloud-based animated superhero! *cue superhero theme song*

Your GoAnimate characters have been hiding their secret identities, masquerading as regular citizens. But it’s time for them to don their superhero outfits and join the fight against boring content!

Introducing GoAnimate Superheroes

GoAnimate has hundreds of stock characters for you to choose from, and now you can make them all superheroes in the Custom Character Creator. Learn more about customizing characters in this guide and suit up your characters in their superhero outfits.

What’s Included?

Superhero outfits

For starters, you can’t have your custom characters fight crime without masking their true identity. So head over to the Custom Character Creator and customize their outfits including the all important eye mask.

Just pick your character, add the superhero outfit and voila! your character is now ready for battle.



To make your superhero transformation quick, you can also “skin” your videos around a superhero theme.

Just pick the “Superheroes” category and select the templates (pre-built scenes) you want to use:


How To Use Superheroes

Introduce your characters in style with title templates:

Have your superheroes fight boring content, low attention spans, and other “evil” with action-packed scenes:

And much, much more!

Just drag-and-drop the templates to get started. Or customize them to fit your crime-fighting needs.
Here’s a video we created to commemorate the latest addition to our platform:

And remember: With great animating power, comes great responsibility….to not create boring content.

What’s Next?

We’re always looking to improve GoAnimate, and we love your feedback. So if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the superhero content pack or any ideas on the platform itself, drop us a note at community@goanimate.com


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