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My name is Cindy Plunkett; I started specializing in healthcare eLearning development about 15 years ago and never looked back! It may shock some of my fellow practitioners to know that despite speaking at numerous conferences over the years, I’m actually an introvert.

If there’s a way to wiggle out of standing in front of a group to present, I will find it; enter GoAnimate to the rescue!

How I Use Video in eLearning

1) Create an educational video

I had just started a new position leading the implementation of a LMS and introducing eLearning to the organization.  

As a 4-week new employee I was asked to present to the Education Advisory Committee comprised of a super intimidating lineup of executives from across the healthcare sector. I could hear my knees knocking together at the thought. They wanted to hear all about what a LMS was and how it was going to impact our approach to education.

I knew what I had to do.

I carefully scripted what I wanted to say, and then crafted my entire presentation in GoAnimate and with one click, exported it to Vimeo!

The video was a great introduction to how online content can look and feel and the visual aspect really helped emphasize the salient points. The presentation was a tremendous success, and all I had to do was press play!



2) Create an engaging video presentation

This isn’t the first time I had used GoAnimate to present for me.

After the 2015 DemoFest at DevLearn, I was invited to recreate and record my presentation via WebConference. Well, even web-conferencing is intimidating so, yes, I recorded my presentation into GoAnimate instead!  

It was a lot of fun, and it helped effectively deliver the presentation material.

3) Share information in a fun and easy-to-consume manner

Speaking of which, although I do love that GoAnimate can be my virtual representative, for the most part I use it as an effective tool in my eLearning toolbox.

The DemoFest link above actually illustrates one way I have used GoAnimate to reach my learners. For this project the learners were teens with IBD. Previous education efforts sent out emails to teens with IBD to educate on various topics like GI anatomy, IBD flares, and substance use with IBD. This was deemed to be ineffective.

IBD IMPACT was then developed as engaging bite-sized micro learning shorts to help teens with IBD transition from the children’s hospital to an adult center. We leveraged the funky characters and whiteboard animation to create short videos (<2min) to talk to teens with IBD about important issues as they transition into adulthood. The videos and their ability to be accessed easily from any smartphone were a huge success!



4) Add video to an eLearning courseware authoring tool

For another project, I chose to incorporate GoAnimate into Articulate’s Storyline 2 as a tool for modelling behaviour.

The benefits of Medication Reconciliation (Med Rec) have been outlined in published studies showing a reduction in the number of clinically significant errors or omissions related to medications. As a result, Accreditation Canada includes Med Rec as part of all Accreditation Standards for hospital inpatients and outpatients.

Med Rec also helps reduce readmission rates as the entire care team has access to a single reference list of all the medications that our patients are taking.

Conducting a systematic Best Possible Medication History (BPMH) interview is an integral part of Med Rec, verifying the information with another reliable source, ensuring complete documentation of the drug name, dose, route, and frequency to create a complete snapshot of a patient’s medications.

We needed to introduce and model Medication Reconciliation (MedRec) and techniques for interviewing patients for a Best Possible Medication History (BPMH). Using standardized patients and a videographer would have been extremely costly and time consuming. 

We were able to quickly and easily create scenarios and model the behavior instead with GoAnimate’s healthcare characters and props. To learn more you can check out the Online DemoFest video.

Wrapping It Up

Truly the only limit to how you use GoAnimate is your own imagination.

It’s more than just video animation software, it’s an essential tool for the eLearning developer that’s akin to a carpenter and his hammer.