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‘Tis the season for spreading cheer ! Why not make an end of year video?

During the holidays, it’s more important than ever to cut through the noise. So, video is a great tool to reach for!

With Vyond Studio, you can create animated end of year videos for your customers, colleagues, and friends. Vyond makes it easy for anybody to quickly create animated videos—no stamps or mailing addresses required.

To celebrate the season, we’ve rounded of all our favorite end of year videos and templates below, including 14 never-before-seen Vyond templates.

End of Year Videos

Video Greeting Cards

Impact Report Whiteboard VideoFarewell, 2021!
Giving Back Campaign VideoHappy New Year to Customers
Employee Awards & RecognitionCorporate Holiday Video
Annual ReportMerry Christmas
Winter SaleHappy Winter Solstice
Donation Drive Video 
Support during the Holidays 
Nonprofit Annual Report 

Customized Holiday GIFs

Inclusive Diversity Training

Ugly Sweater PartyDiwali Explained
Christmas in the TropicsNoche Buena
Happy New Year!How to Play Dreidel
Happy HanukkahWinter Solstice Festival
Happy Chrismukkah 
Out of Office Holiday Vacation Responder 


Ready to create your own? Vyond customers can customize these video templates! Try Vyond Studio for free with a 14-day trial.



End of Year Videos & Templates

Impact Report End of Year Videos


The end of the year is an important time for nonprofits and private companies alike! For many, this is the time when budgets are decided, targets are hit, and new cash rolls in. Show your impact with an end-of-year video report—like this one for Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City—using dynamic data visualization and custom infographics. Customize this template ➜


3 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays


The end of the year is the season of giving. Encourage your audience to give back with a corporate gifting campaign video! Customize this template ➜

Virtual Employee Awards


Ready to get festive? Bring even more fun to your company’s holiday party with an employee awards video. Use photos of your team, or create custom look-a-like characters with Vyond’s Character Creator. Customize this template ➜

Annual Report Video Template


The key to a great presentation is to show, not tell. Bring your company’s performance to life with animated data visualizations and dynamic graphs. Customize this template ➜

Winter Sale Video Template


With the rise of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, end-of-year sales are here to stay! Promote your holiday sale with a branded animated video—no expensive camera equipment necessary. Customize this template ➜

Donation Drive Video


Showcase causes you care about with a donation drive video! Encourage teammates and friends to get involved. This colorful video about #TeamSeas—created by Vyond video producer Prakriti—is a great example of using mixed media and imported photos. Customize this template ➜


Supporting Employee Wellness at the End of the Year


Despite the carols that claim “it’s the most wonderful time of the year,” the holiday season can oftentimes be a time of unique hardship for employees. Milestones of grief, financial hardship, and distance are all stressors that can feel particularly present at the end of the year. Promote empathy and self-care with a video! Customize this template ➜

Nonprofit Annual Report


Nonprofit organizations like 48in48 rely on their supporters to continue making an impact. Show what your organization is doing with a video that recaps the year’s achievements while reporting on key metrics. Customize this template ➜



End of Year Video Greetings

Season’s Greetings (from a Distance)


The pandemic has made it trickier than ever to come together during the holidays. Spread cheer with a lighthearted video greeting! Customize this template ➜

Happy New Year to Customers


The end of the year is the perfect time to show your customers how much you appreciate their business. Wish customers a happy new year while sharing some key company highlights in a branded animated video! Customize this template ➜

Happy Holidays from Vyond


Send holiday greetings to your customers, even if you don’t have all their addresses. Unlike stuffy gift baskets, everybody loves a good video. Customize this template ➜

Custom Christmas Video


Turn your company Christmas card into a video to wish employees, customers, and partners a Merry Christmas! Customize this template ➜

Happy Winter Solstice


Animated video is flexible enough to work for just about any holiday—including Winter Solstice! Send seasonal greetings with a cheery video for any occasion. Customize this template ➜

Festive GIFs

Ugly Sweater Party

An animated GIF of teammates attending an ugly sweater party at the office.


Even if your team isn’t able to gather in-person, there’s no reason your characters can’t. Bring the gang together for a festive holiday party with this animated GIF. Customize this template ➜

Christmas in the Tropics

Animated GIF showing a family celebrating a summertime Christmas and seeing a surfing Santa.


Much of the world has grown accustomed to the holidays being associated with snowy winter scenes. But, for those in the tropics or southern hemisphere, this season is all about summertime fun. Surf’s up, Santa! Customize this template ➜

Happy New Year!

end of year video for new years eve


Cheers to the new year with this animated greeting! With Vyond Studio, you can create your own GIFs to share on social media, Slack, email, and more. Customize this template ➜

Happy Hanukkah!

A flower and a book laid on a table with the text "Happy Hanukkah."


Hanukkah 2021 starts Sunday, November 28th and ends Monday, December 6th. Send your own Hanukkah greetings with this customizable GIF. Customize this template ➜

Festivus GIF

end of year video for festivus


Festivus was made popular by the hit TV show Seinfeld. But, the holiday has roots going back to the 1960s. Customize this template ➜

Ōmisoka: New Years in Japan

A GIF showing different traditions of Ōmisoka.


Ōmisoka is celebrated on the last day of the year by many in Japan, with traditions that emphasize cleaning out the old and greeting the new. For example, many who celebrate will deep clean the house, bathe, and decorate their front door. Customize this template ➜

Happy Chrismukkah

An animated GIF showing various characters celebrating Chrismukkah.

In many places around the world, Christmas remains a dominant fixture of the holiday season. Over time, members of the Jewish diaspora have found ways to blend those merry traditions with the celebration of Hanukkah. Create your own multicultural greeting with a GIF! Customize this template ➜

Out of Office Holiday GIF

End of year video vacation responder


For most folks, the end of the year means stepping away from our inboxes to be with the people we love. Bring the holiday spirit to your automated vacation responder with a delightful “out of office” GIF! Customize this template ➜

End of Year Video for DEI


Diwali Explained


This festival of lights from South Asia is celebrated around the world. Teach others about its significance with this easy explainer video! Customize this template ➜

About Noche Buena


Showcase underrepresented traditions, like Noche Buena! Noche Buena is a celebration practiced by people who are Latin American all around the world. Customize this template ➜

How to Play Dreidel


You may know “dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, / I made it out of clay.” But, do you know how to play? Learn how this popular Hannukah game works in this editable video template! Customize this template ➜

About Winter Solstice Festival


Diversity, equity, and inclusion goes a lot deeper than festivals and food. But, the holiday season can still be a great opportunity to spread awareness and represent diversity. Animated video is a fantastic medium for creating inclusive diversity training, as shown by this training video on Winter Solstice Festival. Customize this template ➜

Make your own end of year video.

Video is an engaging, dynamic, and delightful way to share your message. So, it’s a great idea to create an end of year video! Vyond Studio lets you animate own videos and GIFs. For example, you can create custom holiday greeting videos! Or, wish your customers a happy new year. Try Vyond free for 14-days, and start making media that moves.