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The rise of telemedicine has brought bedside manner into the digital sphere, and there’s still plenty of room for innovation. With on-demand videos, healthcare professionals and providers have the opportunity to reach patients with easy-to-understand information that empowers them to engage with their care.

Today’s technology has made it easier than ever for health insurance companies, providers, public agencies, and support staff to create their own health videos. With tools like Vyond Studio, anyone can create custom animated videos with ease.

This year, Vyond is dealing you in with a full deck of ideas for using video. Here are four fresh ways to bring video into your practice:

  1. Care Instructions
  2. Mental Health Training
  3. Supply Chain Education
  4. Policy Communications

Healthcare Video Templates & Ideas

1. Care Instructions

Dynamic video can communicate critical information in a more understandable format than pages of photocopies. Provide care instructions that patients can reference again and again to ensure they follow the advice of their physician—or, in this case, veterinarian!

To illustrate the idea of an aftercare video, we teamed up with the veterinary specialists at Lenity to teach puppy parents how to take care of their dog after TPLO surgery. What resulted was a video that can not only help patients recover, but can help calm preoperative stress by showing what to expect after TPLO surgery. Because the video was animated using Vyond Studio, the team at Lenity can easily update the video as needed, and even tailor the video for patients with specific needs.

2. Mental Health Training

While mental healthcare has come a long way, pervasive stigma continues to prevent many from tending to their psychological well being. The cure to these biases is engaging, accessible, and accurate education. Whether you are a healthcare professional, or just looking to create training for your teams, you can reach for a tool like Vyond Studio to produce animated mental health training videos.

The video above introduces a full series of videos produced by Vyond on promoting mental health on remote teams. All the videos can be used by Vyond customers as customizable templates.


3. Supply Chain Education

The Internet has made it easy for anybody to do their own research. Unfortunately, it has made it equally easy for misinformation to spread. When it comes to health, it’s especially important that credible sources are sending a message that can compete in the digital landscape. Creating videos for public education is a great way to spread awareness in a transparent and credible way, building trust in your patients. With this example, viewers can better understand what happens to a COVID-19 vaccine before it reaches their arm, nurturing their confidence in evidence-based medicine.

Vyond customers can use this COVID-19 supply chain video as a customizable template.


4. Policy Communication

The policies that govern how healthcare is provided can be just as impactful as medicine in shaping patient behavior. Failing to communicate these policies in an easy-to-digest format can actually disincentivize getting necessary care. By spreading policy information with video, you can encourage patients to navigate their healthcare from an empowered and informed position.

In the example above, WebCE Health answers the question “What Are The New Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)?” beautifully.

Create Videos for Healthcare

Vyond Studio is designed to give everybody the power of video. Whether you’re a nurse practitioner, a benefits coordinator, or something else altogether, you can easily create your own animated videos. Kick start your first project using any of Vyond’s ready-made templates, or build your video from the ground up. Try Vyond free for 14 days, no credit card required.