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Create a Vyond video from scratch

Vyond video producers, Shahrzade and Sofala, went live on Facebook to share their production process for our “P.E.T.E” customer support training video. As they created a video from start to finish in Vyond, they shared tips about scripting, whiteboard animation, sound effects, transitions, character development, voiceover, camera movement, and more.

Watch their recording and follow along with template video below.


Customer support training video template

Here’s the completed video Sofala and Shahrzade build together in the recording above.

Have a Vyond account or free trial? Log in, open this template, and follow along with Sofala and Shahrzade to learn how to re-create the video on your own.

Customers are welcome to use this free template video as-is or customize it to fit individual needs.

Create your own animated video