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Today we couldn’t be more excited to show off an original piece from our COO, Gary Lipkowitz, on one of our favorite sites, ReelSEO.

Behind every great video is a great script. That’s why Gary put together these five creative and practical tips to help you prepare for your next blockbuster.

Check out a snippet below:

We know what you thought last summer: You’d kill to get a video on your landing page. What a hook, right? You know video increases your chances of getting on the first page of search engine results. You know video can drastically increase time on site and reduce email campaign opt outs. You know customers find it a lot easier to buy when they know more about a product. And your Spidey sense tells you they would rather watch than read.

But last summer, you were daunted. Time, money and writer’s block stood in your way. You felt pressure to be “viral” and instead got cold feet.

That’s perfectly understandable. That’s why we’ve put together these five creative yet practical tips to help you prevail in World War V.

-Gary Lipkowitz, COO GoAnimate, July 18, 2013, on ReelSEO

To get the full “featured” experience (see what we did there?), check out the entire post here:

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