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The importance of video backup may not be obvious, especially if you’re new to video making. Typically, backups become a primary priority after losing footage you’ve worked so hard to create.

In the modern business landscape, video is a potent marketing tool. Studies show that at least 54% of consumers want to see videos, and marketers often get about 66% more leads through videos. Therefore, it’s essential to back up your video files and avoid unnecessary problems.

Use Quality Drives with Enough Space

While cheap drives can be enticing, using them to store your video projects may be inappropriate due to the high chances of disk failure. But if you are running on a tight budget and need to cut costs, ensure you buy a drive with a reputation for reliability.

Ideally, Solid State Drives (SSDs) are ideal for your video projects. Besides transferring files faster, they are stable and easier to work with. Unlike their HDD counterparts, SSDs don’t have spinning parts. However, there are different types of SSDs, and they are more expensive than HDDs.

Personal Cloud Storage

There are numerous benefits of using a cloud storage solution, but accessibility is the main advantage. Cloud-based storage and backup allow you to access your video files by logging into your account using any internet-enabled device. Cloud storage also supports seamless file sharing through links. This sharing feature is quite helpful, especially when dealing with huge video files that may not make sense to share manually.

Good Cloud storage solutions can eliminate any chances of losing your hard work. Typically, cloud storage is not prone to malfunctions or other issues that face an external storage drive. Since modern cloud services come with sophisticated data protection features, it technically safeguards your video projects from unwanted access.

Online Storage Services

When considering options for storing and backing up your video projects, cloud-based video storage software is a great solution. And since there are numerous options available, you can find a solution that fits your needs.

Online storage services are convenient because it makes it possible for your team to access the files from anywhere using any device. This capability is vital, especially for remote work situations, which have become popular in most businesses.

Additionally, online storage solutions are scalable, meaning you can choose the appropriate storage capacity and upscale it as your needs grow. They also provide an added layer of security, reducing the risks of data leakage, loss, and corruption.

Most online storage service providers allow you to schedule automated backups. This is a great option, especially for people who make constant changes to video files since you don’t need to back up the project every time you edit your work.

Maintain Three Copies of Your Video Files

It is highly recommended to have at least three copies of your videos in two different locations and work with only one.

The first copy should be the one you’ll be working from. Regardless of the device you are using, make sure to host the files on a RAID. This means that even if one of your drives on the RAID is compromised, you won’t lose your work. Whenever you use a single drive for your video projects, you risk losing all your work in case something happens to that drive.

Typically, a RAID is a collection of several hard drives designed to improve reliability and speed. If you have three drives on a RAID system, drive one should contain the entire project, while drives two and three hold half of your data. If your primary drive fails, you have a backup on drives two and three.

Your second copy should be an easily accessible backup of the video files on your primary working copy. The third copy is usually a long-term copy stored offline. While nobody wants to think about it, the truth is that misfortunes can happen to your online storage solutions. Calamities like tornadoes or fire, and while it’s unlikely that such events will destroy the infrastructure and compromise access to your data, it’s still possible.


Backing up your video project ensures that your files are safe and readily available whenever you need them. If your work involves lots of video editing, repeating the process after losing your files can be frustrating. However, with multiple backup options available, you can eliminate the chances of data loss and finish your project on time.


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