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Every year, over twenty thousand companies use Vyond to create branded professional videos that engage and inform their employees and prospects on a wide range of topics. Below are a few excellent examples of their work.

Note: Either Vyond has received written permission to display these videos or our customers have shared this content in the public domain. Any other use of these videos or the content contained in these videos without Vyond’s or these customers’ consent is prohibited.

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Small Group Travel with Melanated Girls Around the World

Get some inspiration from this beautiful video created by Sarah Gaspari's M.Ed. for Melanated Girls Around the World, a program founded by Christina “CJ” de Jiménez, an educator, instructional designer, certified scrum master, entrepreneur, and mom. The program focuses on low-stress and low-cost travel experiences for women of color.

Create your own travel agency and hospitality videos for guided tours in Vyond Studio.

The Great Race, Chinese Zodiac Explainer

The Great Race tells the story of the animals on the Chinese zodiac. Video by Vyond customer Lam Quach.

What Are The New Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)? by WebCE Online Education & Training

Here is a creative way to present benefit information by WebCE health. This video makes excellent use of sound effects, camera movement, transitions, and color customization to capture and hold attention.


City of Coral Gables 2019 Smart City Application by The Laboratory of Everyday Things

Created by a team of architects, this video offers ideas for how life might be improved in the city of Coral Gables. It features animated walk-throughs of projects that the architects envision for Coral Gables, such as a transportation app and a trolley system. It won first prize and the 2019 Smart City competition. Note: Several elements of this video were created outside of Vyond.

Welcome to the Center for Instructional Innovation by Brandman University 

This wonderful explainer video created by Brandman University (Now UMass Global) showcases a perfect use of mixed media to instruct students and faculty members about available resources at the university. Turn a dull and unconventional topic into a fun and engaging one in Vyond Studio. 

Making Sure Your Vote Counts in Wake County

The Wake County Board of Elections created this video to show viewers the steps election workers go through to ensure ballots are kept safe and secure during the voting process. The video uses live-action footage of polling-place workers alongside text and animation to drive home the narrative.

Digital Citizenship Training by Digital Respons-Ability

Freddy Future and Destiny Data teach elementary-aged kids basic guidelines for digital citizenship.

Il Mostriciattolo con la Corona (The Monster with the Crown) Coronavirus by Mosaico eLearning

Mosaico eLearning created this story to help Italian children understand the Coronavirus and what they can do to defend against it.

在宅勤務 自粛要請で自宅隔離中でも平常心を保つ方法 (Tips for Working from Home) by Web Demo

Vyond partner, Web Demo, adapted and localized a Vyond template for their audience in Japan. Access the original template from the link on the right.

Virtual Care for Kids - At Home Telemed Service

Urgent Care for Kids makes it possible for parents to virtually connect with a pediatrician from the comfort of home. The marketing team at Urgent Care for Kids created this video advertisement to quickly spread awareness about their Texas-based virtual doctor visits and special offerings during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Annual Review 2019 - Amacuro Team

Amacuro created this video to present an annual review of their team's success in 2019. They created custom characters to look like each member of their team and used the video to call attention to their hard work throughout the year.

Office Ergonomics by Occupational Physiotherapy Solutions Ltd Ireland

OPS, an Ireland-based health company, uses a combination of whiteboard text and colorful animation to offer tips on making your office more ergonomic. There’s no voice, only on-screen text, but you still get all the information you need.

7 Fruits Exotiques Mangés = 7 Plantes Tropicales à Faire Pousser by Big Bang Science

Big Bang Science created this video to explain how to go about growing tropical plants from the seeds of common fruits we eat.

Factory Automation by Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric explains their edge computing products.

The Future of the City of Calgary - Digital Portal by Cybera

The City of Calgary uses a fun, animated video to tell residents about a new online portal. This portal helps users to make the most of publicly available data to save money on utility bills, understand traffic patterns, avoid crowds, and more. What makes this video especially useful is the inclusion of the actual tool interspersed with animated visuals.

Coping with Anxiety by University of West England, Bristol

The University of West England, Bristol created this Business Friendly video to help students learn about managing anxiety. The video powerfully conveys the character's emotions through dynamic facial expressions and narration without using text.

How Does Breakfast Affect Your Body by The Fabulous

Lifestyle company The Fabulous created this video to explain the nutritional benefits of eating breakfast. Using entrance and exit effects, the video moves at a gradual pace that gives viewers time to process the health information being presented.

Introducing Parabol: Retrospective & Check-Ins

In this video, tech company Parabol breaks down the capabilities of their collaboration software and the problems it can solve in the workplace. Parabol includes real screenshots and screen recordings from their product to show how employees can use the tool in the workplace.

Good Behavior Game by AllCare Health

Education company AllCare Health highlights their “Good Behavior Game” program here. The video uses Vyond’s Whiteboard Animation and charts and grpahs features, so viewers are able to easily follow along with a gradual reveal of information and findings.

5 Steps to Develop Your Cloud Data Management Strategy by Bython Media

Bython Media often creates “video white papers” to help professionals stay on top of key industry trends. Here, Bython speaks directly to viewers who are seeking to manage their cloud data more effectively. Bython uses Vyond's preset settings and props to depict different aspects of an office environment, from server rooms to boardrooms.

Electric Vehicles as the New Normal by Bython Media

Bython Media often creates “video white papers” to help other marketers stay on top of key industry trends. Bython uses this video to break down consumer-preference trends in the electric vehicle industry. The company gives data-driven support to the narration as the imagery focuses more on cars and their next evolution.

10 Common Webinar Mistakes and How to Avoid Them by Bython Media

B2B Marketing company Bython Media often creates “video white papers” to help other marketers run effective businesses and grow their client list. Here, Bython shares advice about running effective webinar sessions. In the video, the company uses Vyond’s wide selection of props to model ideal webinar practices. For example, Bython highlights the differences between a visually stale webinar console that’s crowded with information and a more engaging format.

7 Essentials for a Great Digital Experience by Bython Media

B2B Marketing company Bython Media often creates “video whitepapers” to help other marketers develop successful in-house tools and client offerings. Bython uses this video to explain their findings about how companies can develop engaging digital experiences. Bython uses a simple animation style—for example, only giving characters a few key facial features—to help draw attention to the details presented in the narration.

The Cognitive Psychology of Design and the Brain by Bython Media

B2B Marketing company Bython Media often creates “video white papers” to help inspire other marketers with the latest industry trends and findings. This educational video from Bython highlights the connections between design psychology and neuroscience. Bython uses a cinematic zoom (camera movement) technique that highlights key elements in images and helps viewers connect larger trends between the details shown.

HR Virtual Symposium by showcases their month-long virtual symposium in this video. They use samples of their website to show the sign-up process and then animated characters around the globe to emphasize the connected nature of the event.

Envision Auto Relocations

Envision Auto Relocations makes great use of maps and animation to emphasize the difficulty that comes with trying to transport your car a long distance. Narration is used to supplement the on-screen text while showing the use of their app on a phone helps ground their solution in reality.

Learn By Watch’s Saturated Solution Educational Video

Education channel Learn By Watch created this video to teach students the scientific concept of saturated solutions. Rather than use live video alone, the organization includes animated characters next to footage of the dissolution process so they can easily explain it as it happens.

Animate with Anneke: Teach with Your Character as a Buddy

Instructional coach Anneke Camstra made this video to explain how to show how to create engaging experiences with custom animated characters. Camstra uses Whiteboard Animation to add an illustrative effect.

Nonprofit Event Promotion by SCV Gran Fondo & Vyond to Support the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson's

Vyond, SCV Gran Fondo, and Hartwick Home Imaging created this promotional video for a charity cycling event. The drone shots alongside Vyond’s Business Friendly characters and animations are visually engaging and build excitement for the event. Note: this video was created in partnership with Vyond (GoAnimate at the time). Explainer makes planning a destination wedding painless. First, using animated maps, they show you how hard it is to plan a destination wedding without their service. Then they show how simple the process is by using their site’s interface and animation to walk you through the process.

Increasing Practice Efficiency with iWellness and OCT in Scleral Lens Fittings by Optovue

This video introduces iWellness’ practice-management tools and explains how they help optometrists increase their efficiency through integrations with modern practice-management software. iWellness imports some of their own visual assets and icons, such as real images of an optometrist’s office, to illustrate how medical professionals use their tools.

Megan's Storyline & Vyond Tips

Megan Creegan, an eLearning Developer at Equity Residential, shares her Vyond tips for creating eLearning videos. By narrating in her own voice, Megan gives this Business Friendly video a credible, authentic feel.

Cool Kids Series: Economy at a Glance by Texas Bank and Trust

Texas Bank and Trust created this video to teach kids useful money management tips. They use visual analogies from Vyond's Business Friendly animation style to simplify complex topics for parents to share with young viewers.

How to Bubble RUN™

First-time runners may not know what to expect in their first Bubble Run—a family-friendly 5K—but this video prepares them by highlighting the basic rules of the race. Using Vyond’s props, such as balloons and race banners, the Bubble Run team was able to depict the experience of the race for participants.

Online White Paper by Bython Media: Best Practices to Make Your AWS Implementation More Secure

B2B Marketing company Bython Media often creates “video white papers” to help other marketers run efficient organizations powered by the latest tools. Bython uses short video to teach companies how to implement their Amazon Web Services accounts to get the most out of the web architecture and data storage services. Bython features a call to action at the end of the video via kinetic text to drive viewers to contact the company and learn more.

Cyber Summit 2017: The Future is Already Here — It’s Just Not Evenly Distributed by Cybera

This video was created to promote the 2017 Cyber Summit event in Canada. It uses the colorful assets of the Business Friendly style and compelling scenario comparisons to pique viewers' interest in the event's core issue: tech accessibility.

Promotional Video for Stakecam by Mobalysis

Tech company Mobalysis introduces their Stakecam ski-tracking tool here, exploring how it can help users find the best places to hit the slopes. Mobalysis used Vyond’s custom character creator to create realistic, detailed snowboarder figures with googles, boots, and more.

Spin the Globe Travel: Why Work with an Accessible Travel Blogger

Spin the Globe uses this video to introduce their unique and memorable travel experiences for disabled adults. Infographics illustrate the organization’s international reach.

How to Stop Using Filler Words when you Speak by Matt Moran

Professional public-speaking coach Matt Moran teaches viewers how to make their speeches more engaging by avoiding filler words here. Moran intercuts playful, humorous animated scenes with his in-person narration to create concrete examples of how speakers can enhance their presentation skills.

Cleveland Water's How to Find Water Leaks

Public-works company Cleveland Water provides tips on identifying leaks in water systems here. The organization creatively combines Vyond props to depict a water meter that counts upward as the narration continues to show the impact that even a small water leak can have on a viewer’s water bill.

Promotional video by Wuvavi: North Pole cyber breach

In this video, cybersecurity company Wuvavi playfully explores the impact of a network breach by depicting how one might devastate Santa’s North Pole operations. For one scene, Wuvavi cleverly places a video within the video to show characters watching a newscast.

Stop Procrastination by Samuel Fleming

Samuel Fleming, a professional voice actor, uses the Whiteboard Animation style in Vyond to tackle the issue of procrastination. Energetic and passionate voice acting, along with the clean whiteboard style, make the concepts within the video easy to follow and digest.

Story By Design: Story Design Workshop Promo

Rance Greene promotes his storytelling workshop in this video using metaphor and a foretaste of the workshop experience to build and maintain interest. Take note of camera movement that adds action to still shots and upbeat music.

Startup Explainer by CertiQua (German)

The customer recommendation platform CertiQua created this video to showcase the benefits of using their site. They customized our Business Friendly style with images of their product to clearly explain the mechanics of their site. Note: Effects at:38 and :52 were created outside of Vyond.

Music Video by The Bergamot: One Mile

The Bergamot, an indie band, uses a blend of animation, live footage, and imported assets in this music video for their song “One Mile.” With slow-panning camera movement and a cityscape background, the video makes viewers feel like they’re walking with the band. Note: In the whiteboard effect at :20 only the bird and car are created with Vyond.

Educational Video by Mike Morrison: How to Create a Better Research Poster in Less Time

Michigan State University doctoral candidate Mike Morrison uses this video to help academics make their research poster designs more engaging. Morrison seamlessly inserts real-world assets (such as a presentation poster) into animated settings to help viewers envision how they might present a more readable, exciting poster with their own findings.

Promotional Video by GM Voices: Santa’s Contact Center

In this video, GM Voices showcases the benefits of hiring a voice actor through a creative story: Santa’s Call Center. GM Voices uses Vyond’s office settings and props in combination with holiday assets to create a humorous portrayal of the North Pole.

West Coast’s Mint’s D-Mannose Explainer video

Here health resource company West Coast Mint breaks down the impact of D-Mannose, a supplement for combating UTIs. West Coast Mint uses whiteboard animation effects and camera movement to the draw attention to the various benefits of D-Mannose. Note: West Coast Mint imported their own "mascot" image.

Online Whitepaper by Bython Media: How to Spot Toxic Employees in the Workplace

B2B Marketing company Bython Media often creates “video white papers” to help other professionals stay on top of key industry trends. This video illustrates how to spot toxic employees and why it’s important to work to correct their maladaptive behaviors. Bython makes great use of our props to create “emoji-like” reactions that demonstrate the negative impact of toxic employees on the workplace.

Big Bang Science: Twelve Tips for Science Communication with Quentin Cooper

Communication agency Big Bang Science shares tips for explaining scientific concepts. The agency uses Vyond’s Custom Character Creator to build a true-to-life representation of narrator scientist Quentin Cooper, with his playful non sequiturs, accent, and signature beard.

How Not to Motivate - Psychographic Segmentation by McGohan Brabender

Donna Huffman of McGohan Brabender made this Vyond video to show how they can help engage employees while keeping healthcare costs down.

The Fabulous Q&A: How to Keep Your Habits Up

The Fabulous app team discusses how to change your habits by changing your environment. This video uses a combination of animation, characters, narration, and on-screen text to keep the viewer engaged while also showing their app in use to promote their service.

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