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How to use Vyond video templates

Vyond customers

  1. Click any template in our templates library.
  2. Login to your Vyond account if you haven’t already.
  3. Edit the video.

Not a customer?

Start a 14-day free trial to access and update these templates. A paid subscription is necessary to download from Vyond Studio.

How to edit and update templates

The fastest way to update your videos is with our Global Edit feature, available to Professional and Enterprise-level customers. All customers can utilize the replace feature.

This post shares everything you need to know to make a video in Vyond and can serve as a reference guide.

Things to keep in mind

Sometimes, elements of your template video will be different from what we have displayed on our site. Here’s what might be different, and why:

Colors – if a video was branded with Vyond colors, we replaced them with alternate colors.

Fonts – if we used an uploaded font, we replaced it with a font available in Vyond Studio.

Music – if we licensed music from an external licensing library, we replaced it with a song available in the Vyond Studio music library.

Images – if we licensed a photo from an external licensing library, we removed it from the available template.

Sound effects – if we licensed a sound effect from an external licensing library, we replaced it with an effect available in the Vyond Studio sound effects library.

Voiceover – for the most part, voiceovers are performed by Vyond employees and are included with the templates. If we purchased a professional voiceover, we removed it from the template version.

Characters – for the most part, we replaced any characters created in the character creator with Vyond stock characters. In the instances where we kept a created character in the template version, it was because the Vyond character library didn’t provide a sensible replacement. For example, in the Tips for Smooth Air Travel video we needed to create several versions of the same character — one with sunglasses, one with a t-shirt, one with a sweater, etc. You will be able to use these custom characters in your template video, but these characters will not save to your library. If you’d like to use them in a new video, you can copy/paste them between projects or recreate them in your account. Please note: All customers have access to the Business Friendly and Whiteboard Animation character creators and only Professional and Enterprise customers have access to the Contemporary character creator.

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