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The Benefits of Onboarding New Hires with Video

60% of organizations say they need to create a more efficient onboarding program that communicates more effectively. Since onboarding is so important to your colleague’s future success, here’s the key to making onboarding a more engaging and memorable process for your new hires– use video.

Company culture is a difficult concept to communicate to new employees, especially in an onboarding meeting. Videos provide context and instill a feeling that people can understand and internalize, which helps level set their expectations about the company.

The Power of Visual Learning

Using video animation, like GoAnimate, gets a new hire up to speed in a consistent, digestible, and readily-accessible way. Visual aids have the ability to do two very important things: engage viewers, and provide context that is often nuanced to the company culture. With animated video you can demonstrate examples and scenarios that convey your organizational brand and values, the people and professional culture, while also providing your new colleague the tools to successfully assimilate into his or her position as quickly as possible. Creating a dynamic and visual video will facilitate an easier employee transition and help them understand the company ecosystem and how they align themselves with the company mission and values.

Video animation’s fun and compelling visuals engage viewers on a higher level, and videos are proven to increase people’s understanding of your product by 74%. Much like demo videos that successfully sell their product and brand to clients who had no prior knowledge of the product, onboarding videos will inform and sell your company to a new hire.

The ROI of Video Onboarding

51.9% of professionals worldwide named video as the type of content with the best return on investment. Picture this, Tim is sitting nervous and intimidated in Rhonda’s office expecting a mundane presentation. Rhonda then presses play and an engaging and informative video rolls. Tim immediately relaxes and the onboarding flow becomes less intimidating, he might even enjoy himself!

Not only is a quality onboarding experience beneficial to your new team member, but it will save your company money in the long run. Here’s why, as we know high turnover rates are very costly. The correlation between a positive onboarding experience and retention rates is staggering. Organizations with a non-standard onboarding process experience that use more creative methods like onboarding videos experience 50% greater new hire retention.  Employees who went through a structured onboarding program were 58% more likely to be with the organization after three years. On top of that, manager satisfaction increases by 20% when their employees have formal onboarding training.


After all, your employees are your company’s most important investment. Their success directly correlates to your company’s success. It’s best to start working on that investment on Day 1. As the saying goes, “happy employee, happy life” or something to that effect…

Videos offer a simple way to effectively communicate important information that plain verbal explanation cannot do justice. Developing an animated video allows you to create high-quality content that’s easy to modify and update when laws or policies change.

So, how much more productive will Rhonda’s new hires be from incorporating video into her onboarding process? Organizations with a standard onboarding process experience 50% greater new hire productivity. Designing a stronger onboarding process will enable new employees to be better understood, recognized, and valuable in the long-term. When your new hire understands the company and product they tend to be happier and stick around for much longer.

GoAnimate  allows business people to quickly and easily create animated videos. Video and animation are the future of onboarding. Give new hires content to engage with and reference as they prepare for their next great professional adventure, and let hiring managers feel assured that they’ve given them the best possible tools to do so. Start a free trial.