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Our Hearts Get all the Love with Fit February

Fit February Heart Health Challenge

Welcome to February, the only month of the year dedicated to all aspects of your heart. While Valentine’s Day gets all the love, so to speak, February is also Heart Health Month. Heart disease causes more deaths in United States than all types of cancer combined, so it goes without saying that your heart’s health is pretty important.

In honor of Heart Health Month, Vyond created a Fit February challenge. Fit February is a month-long competition where employees form teams and accrue points for practicing healthy habits like stretching at work, bringing healthy lunches from home, or getting enough sleep.

Since video is the most effective tool for communicating a message, we created one to rally the troops and encourage our colleagues to take part in Fit February. Watch what we produced, then copy what we’ve made to use for your own internal challenge.

Last year, this video (combined with our natural enthusiasm for competition) lit the fire, and everyone at our office enthusiastically took part. We’re excited to host Fit February again this year, and hope you have fun including animated video in your next internal communications project.

Why Heart Health at Work?

Your health and your productivity are intrinsically linked. Accordingly, your heart healthy choices directly affect the work you do. Employees who exercise for at least 30 minutes, three times a week, are 15 percent more likely to have a higher job performance.

Improving your lifestyle habits can be difficult, but here’s some good news: We commit to pursuing healthier activities and diets when we do it with others. Communities provide encouragement and increase accountability and all it takes is sharing your goals with people who can support you, whether they’re friends, family or colleagues.

Having common goals and a little healthy competition will provide plenty of motivation.

2017 Fit February Challenge

Week 1 Update:  Competition has been fierce at our office! It has been great to see team members motivating one another to participate in the activities. Our company push-ups went up to 10 in a row this week, but we’re shooting for 50 by the end of the month.  It was even confirmed by our Office Coordinator that we are going through water at a much higher rate than usual! It’s been interesting to see what everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are and inspiring to see everyone push themselves to practice healthier office habits.


Week 2 Update: We’re getting stronger over here! 2 weeks in and our daily push ups count has reached 25. With 3/4 teams still competing to win, every walking meeting or lunch brought into work counts! Some of the highlights from this week was when our colleague, Michael, create his own makeshift standing desk out of stacked boxes and seeing our other colleague, Stephanie, commit to our lunchtime workouts— while also being 5 months pregnant. Talk about dedicated.


Week 3 Update: As we go into our final week of the challenge, the Green team has come out ahead of the other three teams with over 500 points in the past three weeks. Plus, our office reached 35 push ups! As a company, we’re hoping we’d reach a total 1,000 tallied points and it looks like we’re on the road to hitting that number. The greatest feedback is hearing that the healthy habits being practiced in the office are being carried over into our colleagues’ homes.

Week 4 Final Update: What a great month February was for our hearts. Good things happened– some of our colleagues dropped some weight, a few FitBits came back from the dead and tracked those 10K steps that we achieved, and let’s not forget that a few of us were finally able to do 35 push ups in a row. Ultimately, the Green team was unstoppable and shot out over 200 points ahead of every other team. Here’s to a March where people continue using their standing desks, an April where everyone drinks the recommended amount of water,  a June where we continue to get out of the office and enjoy walking meetings, and so on for the rest of the year. Vyond was hoping to tally at least 1000 points during the month and we surpassed that immensely with over 1794 points tallied! Go Vyond Go!

Green Team wins!

Green Team wins!

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