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Vyond Employee Highlight: Prakriti Rai, Video Producer

Welcome to Vyond’s employee highlight series. This is a series aimed to highlight the talented individuals that work at Vyond across all departments and offices.


Meet Prakriti Rai, one of Vyond’s video producers from the San Mateo office. As a video producer, Prakriti creates video content for Vyond’s multiple channels including blog and resource posts, templates in the template library, and social media.

What was your journey to becoming a video producer?

Growing up, I had a limited idea of the scope of visual media as a career primarily because the Nepali education system didn’t have courses on subjects like photography or video production. However, I was fascinated with cameras ever since I was a kid. Eventually, my fascination turned into a passion for photography and later extended to video production. In a way, I have always felt a sense of fulfillment whenever I could create something. So, I self-taught myself all the technicalities and started doing internships to sharpen my skills. Then after a few years of gaining experience in video production, I applied for the position of Junior Video Producer at Vyond. Vyond stood out to me because it helps foster creativity among people and enterprises with its easy to use video creation platform. I could completely resonate with the company’s values and hence wanted to be a part of their team.

Where is your hometown? What brought you to The Bay?

I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. About three years ago, I moved to San Francisco after completing my undergrad in New Delhi, India. I had to move here because it was my family’s decision. Like many immigrants, my parents also wanted me and my sibling to have better opportunities. Moving away from my hometown was challenging at first, but now looking back, I feel blessed to have lived in all three places, experienced three unique cultures, and gained valuable life lessons through them.

What’s an interesting fact or story about yourself?

I spent a vast amount of my time in college singing as a part of the college choir! We sang Indian classical songs as well as western a capella and participated in choir competitions around India.


What is your favorite thing to eat?

I love MoMos, which are Nepali dumplings. Dancing Yak on Valencia Street in The Mission and Yeti Restaurant in Glen Ellen are two of the best options around the Bay Area for some delicious Momos. You can also find delicious variants of Momo. For instance, try ‘Jhol Momo’ at Everest Kitchen in Albany, or ‘Chilly Momo’ at the Asian Momo House in Sunnyvale. Thank me later! 🙂

Why do you love Vyond?

Vyond is a fantastic tool because it allows anyone to be creative by removing the technical challenges that usually comes with the conventional method of animating.

What is your favorite feature in Vyond?

Asset View and Global Edit have to be one of my favorites, as it saves me plenty of time while editing multiple things at once.

Learn more about the Global Edit feature here.

What are some of the bigger projects you are working on now?

I am working on a series of short tutorials called “Discovering Vyond with Prakriti,” specifically for our Instagram and YouTube audiences. Also, working on creating template videos around the topic of “Remote Working” to aid our customers with more training videos for their remote teams.



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