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PRWeek Convene: Employee Engagement

In February 2020, Vyond partnered with True Global Intelligence to research what employees really needed from their internal communications. Then, everything changed.

On Wed. March 31, 2021 at 12:45 PM Eastern, we’ll be presenting updated findings on the new normal for workplace communications. Join us at PRWeek Convene: Employee Engagement, to be among the first to hear how the first year of the pandemic has transformed how we work together.


What is the new normal of workplace communications?

As we approached the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, new questions rose to the surface about what the past 12 months might mean for workplace communications. How has the way leaders communicate with teams changed? What kind of training and support have employees come to expect? And how do we navigate internal communications in a landscape that is more fragmented than ever?

Here are a few of the questions we asked ourselves as we prepared our survey with True Global Intelligence:

Has work-life balance gotten better, or worse?

Employees that are finishing their first year of remote work have seen a dramatic shift in their day-to-day lives. How has that impacted work-life balance? How has work-life balance changed, if at all, for those still working on-site? We also wanted to better understand how work-life balance has changed for the more vulnerable groups within our workforce, including women.

What’s the most effective way for leaders to communicate with their teams?

There isn’t a leader on Earth who was fully prepared for this pandemic. How have leaders managed to keep up with shifting employee needs during these extraordinarily volatile times? What’s the best way to get a message across to their teams, and how can they encourage alignment outside the confines of an office?

Do employees feel more disconnected from their teams?

The very real risks posed by the global health crisis have, for many, made work feel less important. At the same time, our lives have shrunk considerably, and work remains a huge part of lived experiences. The competition for employee attention has never been fiercer. Have interpersonal relationships at the office suffered as a result? How does this impact team efficacy, career development, and mental health?

What We Learned

We worked with True Global Intelligence to design a comprehensive survey diving deep into these questions (and more). We then surveyed 1000+ full-time employees to better understand their attitudes, pain points, and preferences around workplace communications.

When we first analyzed our findings, we were blown away at some of the insights it offered for how we should communicate with our teams. While office etiquette seems to be relaxing, office politics seem to be getting worse. Workplace communication is more fragmented, and training employees to use the right channels—like in the video below—is increasingly important.


Use this video as a Vyond template.

Want to hear our full findings? Join us at PRWeek Convene: Employee Engagement to hear insights from Stacy Adams (head of marketing, Vyond) and Natasha Kennedy (managing director, True Global Intelligence). You can also access our full report here, and read some of our early discoveries in this resource post.


About the Event

Convene: Employee Engagement is a free webcast event, brought to you by Vyond and PRWeek. PRWeek is the leading publication for professionals in the press and public relations industry. They epitomize the modern business publishing brand, spanning online, print, events and social media, incorporating a paid-for content strategy and gated website. Register today to hear brand new findings from Vyond’s research, conducted with True Global Intelligence.