Ping, Ring, or Email

This animated video template is a fun example of how leaders can explicitly delineate channels to improve team communications.

Today's modern office is chock full of channels for communicating with our colleagues.

It's best to send quick updates asynchronously, especially if the employees work outside the office. Survey says 52% of remote workers prefer to avoid real-time conversations, opting for email when it comes to external communication. 

Surveys also say that 54% of employees feel emails can lead to miscommunication and many have a hard time getting responses to their emails, too. If it's a quick question that doesn't require too much follow-up to answer. Use instant messaging.

What if you need to brainstorm for a new project? When working with brand new divergent ideas, it's better to hop on a quick call instead of relying on written communication. A majority of employees say it's hard to capture complex topics or data. 47% find it difficult to spark a brainstorm with text-based communication.

Remember that 44% of employees find it frustrating when colleagues communicate something in the wrong place with a little forethought for the channel you choose. 

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